Did you know that over 65% of new housing units in the US have a two-car garage or port? As living space becomes tight, the garage is a functional area to store much more than just your vehicle. That makes it essential that you know how to secure it when problems occur. 

A malfunctioning door is a safety and security issue. Read on as we give you everything you need to know about garage door repair. 

1. It Won’t Open or Close

When your garage door refuses to open or close using normal procedures, it’s time to get a repair. Many people make do if it almost closes, but this can be a huge security risk. 

To test it, make sure nothing is blocking the doorway. Take a look at the connections to see if anything is loose. Finally, replace any batteries in the controller. 

If it is neither of these problems then it is probably a door malfunction. If you still have no luck, then it is time to call garage door repair services.

2. It Is Coming off the Track

The tracks help your garage door move into place when it opens and closes. When the rollers come off the track, it can be very dangerous as they may fall and tumble onto the property, and bystanders.

A common problem is that horizontal rails may not be aligned with vertical ones. Knocks or shunts from a vehicle are a typical way this can happen. Rollers may start to wear out or lift cables may snap.

3. It Is Slow

When your garage door begins to creep along slowly, it may be one of several issues. Most likely, it is a sign of old age. You may need garage door spring repair or the replacement of cables. 

You should also check the programming. If you have always had it at that speed, you may just need to reconfigure it. A quick fix may be to lubricate the parts with some oil. 

4. It Makes a Lot of Noise

This can be extremely annoying and should be viewed as a warning sign that something is about to break. If you hear a rumbling or metal grating noise, then your springs are about to go. Popping noises are a sign that parts are not fitting together correctly. 

A grinding sound tells you that the door is dragging against the track. When you hear any of these noises, contact an expert such as the ones from https://www.garagedoorrepairpros.net/ and get it checked. 

Finding a Garage Door Repair Expert

Now you know these garage door repair signs, you should book a repair as soon as they occur. Check reviews of local installation experts and get a quote. You may even have neighbors or friends who can recommend someone to you. 

This article is one of many to help you keep your property looking great. From repairs to DIY, we can help manage your home in the coming year.