Large Paint by Numbers is a great way for anyone to create a beautiful work of art. Large Paint by Numbers kits offer the experienced painter a chance to create a truly stunning hand painted art that they can be proud of.

Most of the Paint by Numbers kits on the market are only 40x50cm in size, but if you are an experienced hobby painter who wants to decorate your wall with real hand painted artwork, you would love to have a high quality, large size kit. With a professional designed large size Paint by Numbers kit and some patience, you can create a masterpiece yourself.

Advantages and benefits of Large Paint by Numbers Kits

Paint by Numbers has been around for a while now but only recently have large and extra-large Paint by Numbers kits become available in the market.

Large and extra-large Paint by Numbers are great options for those who want to get an authentic piece of art for a small price. You will need to paint the piece yourself – but you will have a lot of fun to do your own painting.

Some advantages and benefits of large and extra-large Paint by Numbers are below:

  1. Large Paint by Numbers is easier to paint. Tare much bigger than regular ones, making the details easy to recognize and paint. They are particularly good for people with weak eyesight, such as elder people. One can see the detailed areas and numbers much better when they are on a larger canvas. It is especially helpful if you’re working on a complex design or one with a lot of small details. Having a large size canvas means you can better see what you’re doing and avoid making mistakes.  You can take your time and enjoy the process of painting.
  2. Working on a bigger canvas makes you more expressive with your brushstrokes. You can make the painting your own by using bolder, broader strokes than you would on a smaller scale.
  3. Paint by Numbers is an excellent way to create impressive, elegant, cool art. Large paintings make a bigger impact. They are more impressive and will fill up space on your wall. If you want to create something that will stand out, go big!
Wall Decoration with Large or extra-Large Paint by Numbers Kits

Where to buy large and extra-large Paint by Numbers?

There are a wide variety of Paint by Numbers kits available on the market but they are small in size. In fact, 95% of the Paint by Numbers in the market are with the size of standard size 16×20 inch / 40×50 cm. Major reasons being that large size Paint by Numbers are difficult to be shipped around (especially the kits with stretched / framed canvas) and also it requires advanced know-hows to design and manufacture a large, or extra-large size of Paint by Numbers. Therefore, it is quite difficult to find good offers in the market. Due to the fact that large size Paint by Numbers kits are normally more expensive, so one needs to really buy them from well known and established brands. myPaintLab Paint by Numbers seems to be one of the very few qualified suppliers who offers a large range of large Paint by Numbers kits. There are several online shops selling their collections and it is really worth of visiting.

Large and extra-large Paint by Numbers is an excellent exercise to relax your mind and body, while at the same time allowing you the great possibility to paint your own stunning masterpiece yourself. Whether you are looking for a large paint-by-numbers kit for an upcoming wall decoration project or want to try to make some new experiences with large paintings, the large Paint by Number kits are worth checking out. And best of all, they’re actually quite affordable, so you can get started on your next painting without breaking the bank.