Ethnic Wear is full of glory and quickly helps us to reflect our culture. And one such ethnic wear type worn and loved by most Indian women of all ages is Saree. This attire is worn with Petticoat and blouse, giving a perfect draping look. Each state of India has different styles of sarees, which are worn following different drapes, makeup, and jewellery like Bangles, Necklaces, Earrings, Rings, and more. This gives Indian Women a considerable variety to choose from. Mirraw offers different styles of sarees, where you can find traditional saree, party wear sarees, wedding sarees, designer sarees, and more in various patterns and fabrics. Explore Beautiful Sarees now!

What is the Significance of the Saree in Indian Culture?

  • It makes you look Eye-catchy in the most flaunting way. You can wear Indian Saree for any occasion and look fabulous.
  • It gives you a traditional look, which is hard to get from any other ethnic wear. Even if you wear a designer ruffle saree, it will still make you look traditional.
  • It is suitable for all occasions, from office parties to wedding functions, and makes you feel confident in your body.
  • It is available in uncountable styles, where you can choose from modern to traditional sarees.

Which are The Best Saree Colours for Different Occasions and Functions?

  • Brunch Parties: For morning events or brunch parties, get yourself light colour sarees, like pink saree or green saree with lacy embroidery. You can also go for beige, cream, or yellow in a cotton or chiffon saree. It will make you elegant and sophisticated.
  • Formal Parties: When you want to attend traditional parties, ensure a neat and well-pinned saree look. Here, classy chiffon sarees and printed silk sarees would be the best choice. If you are attending a big event, get yourself the Banarasi saree.
  • Day Time Function: Pick a breathable and comfortable saree for daytime functions. Georgette saree, cotton saree, or light saree would be the best option here. Wear lightweight jewellery and makeup with it to look the best.
  • Wedding Functions: Wedding Functions or Night Time Parties are the perfect time to wear rich-looking sarees. Your outfit needs superior shine and glamour, which can be achieved with Banarasi sarees, Silk Sarees, Next Sarees, Ruffle Sarees, and other designer sarees in dark and rich shades.
  • Festival Celebration: You should get your sarees in rich colour and heritage designs at festivals. Here, Silk Sarees in bright colour would be the best choice.

How to Take Care of Your Sarees?

Each Sari is required to be taken care of differently because of other fabrics and work on them. Here is what you can do:

  • Tissue or Organza Saree: You should get them dry cleaned and keep them wrapped in Muslin Cloth after every use. You should also avoid hanging or folding these saris long in the same shape as it may create a natural line on them.

    Cotton Sarees: These Saris can be washed at home but not with other fabrics. Also, it would help if you did not let it be kept in water for longer as it can lead to discoloration. To maintain the crispness and shape of this saree, starch them before storing them.
  • Chiffon and Georgette Saree: Chiffon and georgette fabrics can easily get damaged, so you should wash and store them properly. Please don’t mix them with other clothes while washing. Opt for manual washing with lukewarm water and mild detergent. Let the sarees soak for 30 minutes in them, and then pass them with cold water. Fold them nicely and store them in your wardrobe.
  • Silk Saree: It is one of the expensive Indian sarees and requires a lot of maintenance. Wrap your saree in muslin close to the store, allow air to pass through it, and place it in a dark place to avoid discoloration and moisture formation. Always get it dry-cleaned to maintain its look.

How to Pick The Best Sarees?

Always Shop from a Trustworthy Online Saree Store: Before starting the shopping, ensure that your saree store is reliable. Plenty of stores are selling the best products at the best discounts and with genuine customer service, like Mirraw, to improve your shopping experience.

Know The Occasion to Shop For: Your saree should be perfect for the event, which could be a wedding, festival, formal party, etc. Knowing that you should pick fabric and colour of this traditional wear.

Explore Trends: You should explore current trends on Social Media and the internet and try to find a trendy designer saree for yourself. It will make you look fashionable. Whether you want to buy a Ruffle saree or a cotton saree, you should know what is trending and then buy.

Never Ignore your Height and Weight: Your saree should flaunt your figure, doesn’t matter what your body structure is. Therefore, you should keep your height and weight in mind while shopping. Never buy a printed saree with many significant patterns, as it will make you look fat. Similarly, get a plain saree with a heavy border if you want to look taller.

Which are The Best Saree Fabrics for Different Body Types?

  • Petite Body: These women are short and slim and should wear a saree that makes them look taller. Heavy cotton sarees, silk sarees, designer sarees, organza sarees, tissue sarees, and tussar sarees would be the best options.
  • Tall and Slim Body: You can flaunt any fabric easily. Get cotton, raw silk, tussar, georgette, chiffon, linen, or pallu sarees with a broad border.
  • Hourglass Body: You are blessed with beautiful curves, and get your saree in fabrics that do justice to it. Chiffon and georgette with heavy work would be a great option. For a slimmer effect, you can go for dark colours like Red or Black.
  • Pear-Shaped Body: You have a perfect Indian figure and should stick to fabrics like linen and georgette with heavy work. You can also get Banarasi traditional saree for yourself for perfection.
  • Apple-Shaped Body: You should wear a saree with heavy embroidery work, bold prints, or statement pieces to suit your body. Fabrics like Silk can be your best friend.

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