So many of us forget that a roof is not forever, and when money is tight, considering this can be a real shocker and leave you wondering what to do. It’s a painful truth, but your roof won’t last forever, and while you could just leave it, if you do, you will have more problems. 

This will lead to you needing to have more than just your roof fixed. In addition to addressing roof issues, it’s essential to consider other structural concerns such as basement waterproofing. Ensuring your basement is properly sealed can prevent water damage, mold growth, and other costly problems, keeping your home safe and dry.

So, while you may feel that it is an unnecessary expense, it really is not. It is vital. 

So, how do you know when you should be looking at getting a new roof? Well, cracks, leaks, and or if it is looking worn down, then you should start considering getting a new roof. Doing so is very important to maintain the health of your roof and your home. are well aware of this, and if you are curious about how to look after your roof, check in with them, if you are concerned about your current roof, stick around, and we will tell you what to look out for. 

#1. Tiles Are Worn Down Or Missing 

Areas which may be damp, or producing leaks may be trying to tell you that there is a cracked tile, slipped tile, or a worn down roof tile. This needs a pro to replace. If you do see any signs of water damage in your home, even the slightest bit of damp, there is a chance that your roof is to blame. 

You want to get your roof fixed as soon as possible to prevent any further issues or the issues becoming an even bigger problem. The last thing you want to do is leave it and end up having your home suffer from mold, because that is harder to fix! 

If you do have an issue with the tiles on your roof wearing down, slipping, or being cracked, it may just be better to replace the whole thing. 

#2. Your Flat Roof Is Sagging

Flat roofs aren’t super common but if you do have a flat roof a sag is a sign of trouble. Being exposed to extreme weather will impact how functional it is, and the boards can slowly start buckling and breaking under the weight of debris, water, and so on. 

This makes your roof sag, which can affect the inside of your home, and make it dangerous. The roof needs immediate replacing in this instance to be safe for you and your family. 

#3. Daylight Is Coming In

If daylight is coming into your home, don’t treat it like a skylight, it means that the roof is not doing its job and if the sun can come in so can many other things. You need a pro to come in and deal with this immediately before anything damaging enters your home. 

Even a few droplets of rain can cause big problems. 

If there is extensive roof board damage then immediate action is needed, and the entire roof may need replacing. Yes, it sounds expensive, but leaving it untreated will be even more expensive.

#4. How Long Is Its Life Expectancy?

Roofing experts say that a typical roof will have a life expectancy of around 20 to 25 years. This does depend on the installation quality and how well kept the roof has been though, some types of roof will have shorter lives and some will have longer as well. 

If your roof is reaching the end of its life, or if it looks like it is aged and if not in a good condition then you will need to arrange for it to be replaced. If you do not, you will be looking at the interior of your home getting damaged eventually and this will likely be even more expensive and damaging than you may be prepared for.

#5. Cracks, Holes, And Splits. 

Flat roofs can be great and can have very long life expectancies. However, felt roofs can be victim to punctures, splits and cracks which are caused by extreme weather conditions. This can result in water leaking through and can result in water damage inside your home. 

The water may not even leak in so much it is noticeable, but over time, mildew and mold will slowly accumulate, and you’ll be faced with an even bigger problem. 

This can also happen to fiberglass roofs, even though they are more durable, they are not without these problems. You should also be aware of pooling too.