Spindles are a key feature of a staircase. They don’t only provide vital safety support, but can also be customised to meet your aesthetic goals.

While traditionally wooden, more homeowners are choosing alternative designs to create a focal point in their homes. 

Metal stair spindles are a highly modern and chic way of updating a staircase parts. You can choose the style and finish to match your interior preferences or create a unique contrast. 

But how do you maintain them?

Keep reading for more information on metal stair spindles and how to keep them looking good as new. 

What are the benefits of metal stair spindles?

Metal stair spindles are well-known in the staircase world for being both pleasing to the eye and incredibly durable. 

Many homeowners choose to replace their wooden spindles with metal ones to put a modern spin on a traditional flight. They are easy to maintain and clean and, due to their robust qualities, are hard to damage. 

Metal stair spindles look great with oak and glass elements, allowing natural light to flow through, they can give the illusion of a much larger and brighter space. 

You can choose from simple designs or something more out-there to express your style. Why not opt for a curved design to create movement throughout your staircase?

Will I need to replace metal stair spindles often?

As with any staircase part, as long as you treat your metal stair spindles with appropriate care, it’s rare you’ll have to install a replacement. 

However, it’s good to know that they are easy to replace.

The best part is, metal stair spindles don’t break the bank. So, if the occasion arises when you do need to replace one, you don’t have to worry about the cost.

To preserve the shape, try not to lean or hang things from your metal stair spindles, as this can lead to warping and bending over time. 

How do I clean metal stair spindles?

As we’ve mentioned, metal spindles are famously low maintenance. 

It’s advised you don’t use any harsh furniture polish or sprays on your metal spindles. This will leave a chemical residue that can affect the quality of the metal over time. 

Instead, use a lint-free microfibre cloth across the surface and through any indents. This will prevent any rust from appearing while preserving its condition. 

Get your metal stair spindles today 

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