Smart home apps are designed to facilitate homes with innovative solutions while raising the bar when it comes to the aesthetic factor of a house. With the world transforming at an alarming rate, everything around us is changing. As we move towards a sensor-enabled future, it is impossible for one to not be affected by IoT.

If you are not familiar with smart tech or IoT in general, why not download some of these smart home apps, which are top of the range and will help you make a smooth transition into the world of innovative tech!

Here are some of our top picks for smart home apps in 2022. Let’s take a look!

Option #1 – myHome Plus

A terrific third-party app, myHome Plus is compatible with almost any smart accessory, regardless of who the manufacturer is. The universal functionality of the app has instant synchronization with the setup by HomeKit. What’s more, is that it allows a user to have full control over access options that are present on Apple Watch. 

So whether you want to switch a different channel on the TV, restart your WiFi, dim smart lights in the hallway, or increase the volume of the speaker while you straighten your hair, all this and much more is possible, just by downloading this app on your phone. So the next time, you want to channel hop on your Select TV, there’s no better option than the myHome Plus app.

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Option #2 – WISER

Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders (WISER) is one of its kind. This smartphone app is specifically designed to provide help and assistance to first responders. They are given immediate information on incidents due to hazardous materials. Furthermore, the app allows a user instant access to significant data on hazardous substances via the synopsis engine, “Key Info”. The Wiser app aims to allow the user to have full command over the sensitive areas of the house.

This way, all app users have strict control over the lighting, heating, and even shutters according to a set schedule. The simple yet user-friendly interface of the app ensures that one does not waste time navigating a mobile app with full-blown emergency overhead. This is efficiently done by the built-in sensors that help to manage an emergency if a user is far from the location. Besides this, the app also controls monthly costs and is highly energy-effective. This app has definitely redefined smart automation in modern architecture.

Option #3 – Google Assistant

A list of some of the top smart home apps is incomplete without mentioning Google. A virtual assistant that’s powered by Google, Google Assistant ensures that all your daily tasks are managed efficiently as possible. All a user needs to do is to activate Google Assistant on their smartphone and synchronize it with their smart home devices and they are good to go! 

Whether a user wants to mark a date on the calendar, switch on the fan, increase the volume on their smart mirror Bluetooth speaker, send a text, email important pictures, and many more, all this is possible via the help of Google Assistant. Users can even ask questions and the GA will search for answers for you! Whether you are typing in a query or have switched on the audio functions of the app, GA has apt answers just for you. 

The best part is that Google Assistant is compatible with other mainstream tech manufacturers, which includes iOS as well. The app is great if you want to begin somewhere. Although all smartphones have GA pre-installed, still if that’s not the case, then simply go to Play Store and download now.

Option #4 – Ecobee

Ecobee is another smart home app, which is worth a shot! It provides a range of options to the user, who can adjust it and adapt it as per their needs, conduct, or personal preferences. The smart home app ensures that comfort is never far away and that the user has peace of mind while being at home. 

Not bogged by menial tasks, Ecobee ensures that all home-based digital activity is rightfully tracked. Nooks and crannies in the house are monitored via the app, which alerts the user and even sends screenshots with the SmartCamera if unusual activity is detected.

Option #5 – Samsung SmartThings

Samsung SmartThings follows aesthetically pleasing quality that is found in other Samsung products. However, this app is compatible with other third-party apps and is not exclusively configured with Samsung only, which makes the whole deal even nicer. What’s more, the automation features are impressively powerful. They make configuration even easier, dividing devices into a room for immediate control. You can also use this app to control Samsung 40-inch TVs.

Wrapping Up

While smart devices embody a high-tech home, the personalization factor among such apps is equally high. This leads to greater control over our homes despite the inclusion of greater tech. Why not download some of the apps mentioned above and see which ones are worth your time.