While moving through the warish vibes from Asia. Marketers need to find as many audiences as possible.

If you’re looking for some great event marketing ideas and how to do ticketing online to boost sales, then read on!!

1. Optimal Ticket Pricing

The factor that plays a significant role in ticket sales is ticket price. It is the last but significant hurdle in a conversion. The first step to find the best ticket price would be to calculate the investment and balance it out with the number of expected attendees.

This can be a hassle. But it is a necessary step to avoid unnecessary losses. The next step is market research. See how much other events similar to yours are charging. Set a competitive fee and go ahead with it. Also, keep the next point in mind before finalizing.

2. Plan Discounts

People love discounts. Your campaigns and offers will payout manyfold if your offers are attractive. In many cases, people would even market your event just to get some discount.

You can give special discounts to attendees when they invite friends, or a package of tickets to get bulk buyers. You can even give special discounts to specific audiences like students to target them.

3. Attractive Event Page

Every visitor is a potential buyer. But it all depends on your even page. If your event page is attractive and delivers what the audience is searching for, then it’s good.

While designing an event page. Remember the following points:

  • Your page content should be catchy and to the point
  • Keep attractive images and videos to support your content
  • Keep a call to action motive so that people would buy the tickets
  • Section for query greatly helps. You can include contact or mail info so that they can get in touch with your sales expert

4.  Promotion

No event goes around without promotion. People are ignorant. You need to catch their attention and make sure they understand what you want to convey.

Try out social media marketing like Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, etc. These media cover a huge chunk of the masses. So ensure you get them. You can even try posting ads if your budget allows it.

Pro Tip: Create a sense of urgency by giving out special deals for a limited time to get the audience worked up.

5.  Use ticketing platforms

There are various ticketing platforms that can give you your target audience without much effort. All you need do is register your event on their website for free and you’re good to go.

Also, you can try their promotional packages which are very effective when you are ticketing online.


This covers some broad ideas that will help you boost ticket sales. And if you keep these in mind while laying out plans, you’re sure to oversell your tickets.