Do you want to know, what is video game localization? Translating a game in the customer’s native language while keeping cultural and regional nuances is known as video game localization. It helps you to release a game on time thus enhancing the sales of the game in a foreign land. It is a kind of moving task because apart from translation, 메이저놀이터 it converts the video script, actors, and graphics into a required language. Therefore to advertise the game in a foreign land, you must take the assistance of Professional Video Game Localization Services. The objective of video game translation is that it makes people feel that the game is specially designed for them.

Do You Want to Release Your Game in China?

According to the Guardian reports, there are 740 million gamers in the Chinese market and you will be surprised to know that this number is more than the population of Japan, the US, France, Germany, and the UK. So do you want to tap into the gaming market of giant economy China?

Challenges for Video Game Location in China

China is not only a huge market but you will be amazed to know that Chinese people love to spend on games. Moreover, last year,40% of the global revenue was generated from games. So are you ready to tap into the China market? For entering the Chinese market you should know the insights of the market and what challenges you can face while making your entry.

Difference of Language

The main problem you will face is a difference in language. As an English game developer, you should not release a game in English in the Chinese market. For this, you must go for Chinese translation services. As people opt to buy products and services that are in their native language. In the same way, people like to download games that are in their native language.

Technological Challenge

Did you know that China has its internet? Therefore people from other countries can’t use it. So as a game developer, you must make sure that the games you want to download are backed by Chinese broadband. In addition, China uses its social media sites that hamper the marketing of the games. Therefore, you need to take the assistance of professional video game localization services. They are proficient enough to handle these challenges on time.

Changing the Theme of the Game

One of the most important points to keep in mind while going for game localization is to maintain a balance between translation and localization. You should go for such Chinese translation services that don’t change the intended theme of the game. The tone of the game should remain the same even if it is translated into the Chinese language. To your surprise, foreigners like the cultural aspects of the game. The objective of video game translation is to resonate the game with other cultures however the original concept of the game should remain the same.

Cultural Nuances

China follows strict rules and regulations in the gaming industry as compared to the West. There are rules for children that they can play games on certain content. Therefore, if you are taking the assistance of professional video game localization services. They will help you in dealing with the legal aspect of games. Moreover, they will make you aware of elements that are appropriate in the game and some aspects that are not appropriate. Thus making your entry into the Chinese gaming market easy.

How Localization can Help

A localization company will make your game acceptable in the Chinese market. The most important part of video game localization is translating the script and text into the Chinese language accurately. This can only be done by a professional translation company. They help in localizing the content as per cultural and regional intricacies and alter your game in such a way that resonates with the local market. 

Localization is a step ahead of translation. It not only deals with the translation of content but also includes the change in graphics of the game. The game is altered for the local culture by keeping technical aspects in view like coding. Thus it creates originality in another language. The gamer will feel native and enjoy the overall game experience.

The localization experts also keep the legal implications of games in mind. In China, games with the title such as Poker and Mahjong are not allowed because they depict the gambling history and display blood corpses in the game. Therefore reliable translation companies that you hire for professional video game localization services are aware of this fact and they abide by all the laws and regulations of the government to promote the game in the Chinese market.

Wrapping Up

Tapping into the Chinese market is a great idea but to overcome the challenges of game localization, you must hire a professional translation company. It will make your entry into the Chinese market easy. So, are you ready?