Ohioans who undergo the COVID-19 vaccine may take their best shot to Acquire $1 million or even get a college student.

The nation’s Vax-A-Million sweepstakes site is up and mobiles

People who have obtained the initial dose of this Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 vaccine, or even the only dose of this Johnson & Johnson vaccine should opt-in by registering ohiovaxamillion.com or by telephoning 833-4-ASK-ODH.

Along with this Vax-a-Million drawing, Ohioans involving the

It’ll include room and board, books and tuition, to some Ohio State university or college.

Relief Funds to cover your Vax-a-Million program

As soon as you’ve got opted-in, you do not need to take action.

Here is the eligibility prerequisites for your vaccine sweepstakes:

· Must be a surviving citizen of the USA along with also a permanent resident of this State of Ohio.

· Cannot be incarcerated (in jail or prison ) for a felony conviction under the laws of the state, another country, or even the USA.

· Must have obtained at least the very first COVID-19 vaccination if getting the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine or a single dose if getting the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, before the drawing date.

1 drawing will be held each Wednesday beginning May 26. The

Officials will seek consent to predict the winner’s health Supplier to validate the vaccination.

They’ll also request to view the vaccination card as evidence.

If the winner Isn’t vaccinated, then officials will proceed on into the Second title and, if necessary, the third.