Introduction to PGDM

Post Graduate Diploma in Management (PGDM) is a 2-year diploma course in management. A PGDM is a professional degree that can open many doors for your career. The constantly changing world and fastly-evolving corporations, organizations, institutions, and PSUs, have posted an upsurge in the demand for managers, functional heads, leaders, and specialized executives all over the world. With a PGDM course, you can enter the job market and fill the roles that can take the organization to a new level.  

PGDM course is one of the most sought courses amongst the youth. For undergraduates trying to add a handsome and working degree to their resume to seasoned professionals thinking of edging up, a PGDM degree is the number one choice.

7 Reasons Why PGDM is the Right Career Path For You

  1. Open to All: Most post-graduate courses in the management institutes of Mumbai are incredibly stringent and only open to undergraduates from similar disciplines. Whereas PGDM is open to all undergraduate students. Anyone from a commerce, science, art, or economics background can choose to partake in the degree. The only requirement from certain colleges is the minimum aggregate and occasional entrance test scores.
  2. Interdisciplinary Course Module: An interdisciplinary course consists of various streams such as management, economics, accountancy, etc. It is prepared with the purview of the ever-dynamic and changing requirements of the industry and consists of the prospect of students having a wide spectrum of knowledge that can be applied to the diverse challenges they will face. A PGDM course equips the prospect and prepares them to face tough competition in the industry by preparing students to be efficient in more than one subject.
  3. Academic and Professional Development: Like other post-graduate courses, the PGDM at UBS college, Mumbai, is a professional degree that comprises various internships and industry-based training programs that contribute to the overall development of the student. The PGDM course is packed with real-life case studies and out-of-campus work seminars that help them in understanding the realities of the world they wish to work in.
  4. Resume Leverage: Having a PGDM degree gives you the authority ladder and enhances your CV. Along with gaining values and skills that prepare you for an excellent role in your job, a PGDM also moves you ahead of the competition and propels you towards greatness.
  5. Managerial Studies: As the name suggests, PGDM is all about training students to be managers. With the growing demand for managers across the world, many companies are now opting for PGDM graduates to fill the place. Additionally, PGDM graduates of the business management colleges of Mumbai do not need any training or broad learning, which puts them ahead of the competition.
  6. Leadership Training: A thing that all managers must have is robust leadership and the ability to make decisions that have a serious impact on the people. Having the right leadership qualities train you to become good leaders at the top management who can be trained to work alongside peers and deliver results. With a PGDM, you can easily outperform your peers and get ahead of the competition.
  7. Multiple Specializations: PGDM students can opt from various streams such as human resources, finance, etc, to specialize in. Leading colleges and universities offer individual courses such as PGDM in Human Resources, PGDM in Marketing, PGDM in Finance, PGDM in Information and Technology, etc, which can be opted for as per student’s preferences.

3 Ways In Which PDGM Will Change Your Life For The Better

PGDM prepares you for the world and puts you in a position to make decisions about the business. If you’re interested in growing an organization in the form of increased payments, advancement, and growth opportunities, then PGDM is the right degree for you. 

Once you have graduated from PGDM, you are free to explore other job opportunities across the public and private sectors. Here are the other ways in which your life can change after your PGDM certification.

  1. Corporate Career: PGDM, like MBA, is one of the few rare courses in which you can get entry into the industry at the management level straight away. PGDM graduates often enter the market fully trained and are not required to climb the corporate ladder like their counterparts. Soon enough, you can get a reputed position, raise, and a title with which you can make a difference. PGDM graduates get the right industry exposure at the right time, which elevates them to get the right skills. Being in such a position is very beneficial for you, as you get to work with CEOs and entrepreneurs who propel you in your career forward.
  2. High Remuneration: PGDM graduates can get high salary packages as soon as they finish their course. Graduates can get as high as INR 20 lacs within their first year of working. The key reason behind this high payment slab is that PGDM graduates work directly to maximize the profit of any business, which is directly billed to their salaries. PGDM’s laser-focused education prepares graduates to nail the interviews which can get them high paychecks.
  3. Consistent Professional Growth: With a PGDM certificate, the learning never stops. You can continue to grow and expand as a working professional because you are constantly in the vicinity of top professionals in your field. Being in touch with the industry leaders brings out the best in you, as you try to emulate their accomplishments and experiences. Working with constraints and delivering top results on a tight deadline makes you a better worker. Meanwhile intellectually, you’ll have access to great knowledge and experiences that will strengthen your skillset and allow for larger vertical growth in the industry.

In conclusion,

Undergraduates interested in making strides in their careers in the business world will find a sparkling career opportunity by pursuing a PGDM degree. These are the reasons why getting a PGDM degree from a business management college in Mumbai will propel you towards immense growth as a working professional in the management sphere.