Treating yourself to a spa day is necessary now more than ever. The worldwide pandemic has impacted our mental and physical well-being, so booking a luxury treatment with a fabulous esthetician makes sense. It is important to take time especially tailored for you. Making an effort to pause and reconnect with your surroundings can do a world of good. Most spas will offer a tranquil atmosphere with not only beautiful aromas but an overall calming effect. If you are curious about what treatments may be provided and where you can find them, below are a few ideas to help you get started with your wellness journey.

1. Australia: Endota

Endota Spa believes that confidence is magic. The day spa began its story back in 2000 when the owner, Melanie Gleeson, went after her dream to give back to others around her. Melanie’s first spa opened on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula and taught patrons that well-being should be considered a priority. The Endota Spa turns to nature to do most of the healing within their selected treatments. The professionals at Endota aim to have you feeling calm the moment you walk through the door, thanks to their signature scent and warm tea.

2. Eastern US: Salt Sanctuary

In Roanoke, VA, there is a medispa that is said to heal the body from within using salt. The use of salt is said to naturally reduce anxiety, help relieve asthma symptoms, and be a natural eczema remedy. For those looking for a more holistic approach, the Salt Sanctuary would be the perfect healing space. The salt also works as a natural allergy and natural stress relief. Dry salt treatment is also referred to as halotherapy and involves relaxing in a room that mimics the microclimate of a salt cave. As the patient breathes in, the salt begins to work within your body to help clear pathogens. The origins of using salt to heal date back to medieval times, but only recently have scientists begun to research the benefits of halotherapy. Along with salt therapy, there are also options for masks that include Intense Radiance. These new light therapy appointments can help improve your skin along with the salt.

3. Western US: The Ranch Malibu

Located in the hills overlooking the Pacific Ocean is a center dedicated to rejuvenation and skincare. Conde Nast Traveler has even named them the number one destination spa in the United States. The Ranch boasts activities for both fitness and wellness. The retreat may best be known for its signature week-long program that aims to reset the mind and body. If none of their programs interest you, there is also the option to tailor-make your own. They are all about everything being clean and healthy, so think of their facials or treatments as the organic express to a healthier you.

4. Asia: Mandarin Oriental

Located in Hainan, China, this luxury resort is one of the best known in Asia, thanks to its opulence. The Mandarin Oriental’s goal is to combine both ancient and contemporary techniques. Their therapies use only locally sourced ingredients and were designed to restore balance and equilibrium to the patient. The Mandarin Oriental also uses Chinese medicine to leave any individual feeling healthy and renewed. There are also programs dedicated specifically for men, which are said to help with extreme muscle tension. Your body will thank you for the rejuvenation.

5. Europe: Thermae Bath Spa

Right in merry ‘ol England is a wonderful getaway for anyone looking to sit back and relax. The city of Bath, England, is home to Thermae Bath Spa, which boasts a historical backdrop while taking in a body treatment or two. The center has aromatherapy rooms, showers, and a roof-top pool that overlooks the city. The wellness center reopened in 2006, and the natural thermal spring waters have been healing patrons for years. Prince Bladud first discovered the springs in 863 BC. At the time, he was said to have been cured of his skin disease after submerging in the waters. Now, scientists have learned that the water contains over 42 different minerals.

Each center offers its own spectacular way of healing your mind, body, and soul. So, instead of picking just one, why not see if you can give them all a go? Your body will thank you!