The brake systems of a vehicle enable the driver to control and stop it in varied driving conditions. Commercial vehicles in Australia must meet high safety standards. The unexpected failure of any safety feature in your truck can put the lives of many road users at risk. Brake system safety is vital for on-highway trucks.

Keeping your brakes in optimal condition reduces the risk of unexpected failures. Also, regular maintenance lowers the overall cost of ownership of your truck. In Australia, the use of quality aftermarket parts for trucks is an ideal way to manage your operational costs. This article features Carlisle brake systems for trucks. If you would like to know more about the Carlisle brand and its solutions, continue reading.


About Carlisle Brake & Friction

Carlisle Brake & Friction was established in 1924 by Samuel Wellman. Shortly after formation, the company began designing and producing the transmission linings for the Ford Model “T”. In 1935, Carlisle started supplying a new sintered metal friction material for Goodyear aircraft brakes. With its proven quality, Carlisle became a manufacturer of braking products for the military in 1940.

The company’s dedication to research and development has fuelled its innovative spirit for close to 100 years. Today, Carlisle continues to set the standards for brake systems and friction materials all over the world.

Apart from brakes, Carlisle also produces high-performance clutches and transmission applications for OEM and the aftermarket industry. Below are some Carlisle brake solutions for on-highway trucks.

1.    Carlisle Service Brake Systems

Service brakes are the conventional brake systems for slowing down or stopping your truck. Designed for intermittent use, the service brake is the primary brake system in your truck. Service brakes are usually foot-operated. Carlisle deploys a wide variety of service brake designs to suit several applications. Below are a few features of Carlisle service brake systems.

  • Flexible mounting systems increase compatibility with a wide variety of vehicles
  • Ductile cast iron construction enhances durability
  • Carlisle premium asbestos-free lining provides superior performance and service life
  • Easy visual inspection and maintenance access

2.    Carlisle Park Brakes

Parking brakes keep your truck securely motionless when parked. Park brakes are ideal for on-highway trucks, which constantly need to park within towns and populated areas. Carlisle provides several park brake series to suit a variety of industry demands. Below are a few Carlisle park brake designs that stand out.

i.                 FCP Series Park Brake

The Carlisle FCP series park brake is a full circle disc brake for commercial vehicle transmissions. This parking brake uses a spring applied, hydraulic released (SAHR) system. In the FCR series setup, drag prevention is achieved by using a floating friction rotor with positive lining retraction. Below are some features of the Carlisle FCP series park brake.

  • Fully sealed design
  • Low maintenance
  • Adaptable to several industrial applications
  • Flexible mounting alternatives
  • Long service life

ii.               G1 Series Park Brake

The Carlisle G1 series park brake is ideal for industrial braking requirements. It is a spring applied system that can be released by air or hydraulic pressure. Below are some of the G1 series park brake features.

  • Provision for manual and automatic slack adjusters
  • Easy maintenance access
  • Superior performance to brake drums in emergencies

To sum up, Carlisle has thrived through ever-changing political, economic and social systems due to the company’s adaptability. Today, Carlisle offers special custom solutions tailored to unique customer requirements. Carlisle’s versatility and innovative character make it the ideal manufacturer of aftermarket parts for European trucks in Australia.