Almost everyone enjoys taking a picture or two. It does not matter at all. Regardless if that shot is a selfie, stolen, wildlife, or a nature snap. The thing is that photography is an art form that transcends boundaries, improves creativity, and delivers messages that words cannot. We do not mean to get all artsy and sage-like. But you do not have to be a wizard or all-around person to enjoy taking some pictures. Photography has tons and tons of wonders that you can enjoy. So pick up your gear. You can also aim for a camera rental if you have none yet. Let’s take a dive and see why there is more to simply taking a shot through those lenses.

A Little Introduction

A photograph is a still image. You can take one with a phone or a standard camera. You can save the image to your gallery or print it for framing later. Photography is the process that lets you capture light, shadows, and other elements to form them into an image. The process might sound simple enough. But there is a methodology and discipline behind it. Several aspects let you play around with your shots.

The First Images

The first images date way back to the early 1800s. One Joseph Nicephore Niepce took a shot from the upstairs window of his estate. He used a technique called heliography. The process makes use of lavender oil and bitumen. These, along with other materials, create an effect or impression on a lithograph. The product acts as the base of the image after exposure to sunlight. 

Joseph’s picture, titled “View from the Window at Le Gras,” is supposedly the first and the oldest photo that has survived. You can still see the image today. It rests safe and sound in the University of Texas-Austin as a part of their permanent collection. Tons and tons of experts debate whether it is the first image taken. Other people consider it a timeless piece of art. The image holds strong even with today’s standards. You can admire it and say, “Hey, that’s not too shabby.”

This image is a combination of black, white, and gray. Of course, people did not have the technology to have colored images way back when. It was actually James Clerk Maxwell, a mathematical physicist, who had produced the world’s first colored photograph back in 1861. He took a photo of one image three times using different filters. He then recombined the images into one color composite.

Photography has boomed since then. You can find out about the milestones of photography and how far we have come by checking this link out. You will be amazed at how some of these photos turned out to be. People who took them either knew what they were doing or turned out lucky.

Artistic Wonder

The wonder and joy that photography delivers might be subjective to people. Some have their own translations and opinions on the matter. But one thing is certain: the medium helps them showcase a part of themselves. 


One thing that makes photography a wonderful pastime is that you can unleash your inner artist with it. You have the liberty to mess around with the numerous settings and applications that make your shots stand out more than the rest. 

Seeing Is Believing

Another thing is that photography allows individuals to see what is out there. Our planet has thousands and thousands of sites that you can behold. However, not everyone has the privilege to get out there and see the sights. That is where photography comes in to save the day. You can capture shots that show what is happening in various places around the world. You can share these images with people so they can see what is out there. 

Sending A Message

Photography is one of those few art forms that allow you to convey a specific message. You do not have to use words alone to get the idea around. You will use your best asset, nothing more than your handy-dandy camera. Simply press that shutter button to capture an event, person, or something else. 

Photography has had a crucial role in sending all sorts of messages since the dawn of its creation. It has allowed people to see what life was like during the past periods. Photography has also captured moments in time that have paved history. Another great use of photography is in capturing someone’s inner beauty like the photographer Jason Guy. His niche is finding someone who wants to see their inner beauty and to do a photo shoot that brings out those things in the resulting images. This is a powerful and useful form of taking pictures that has a very fundamental message and is what photography is in the first place- Capturing magic through insight and outside!

Seizing The Moment

Photography lets you take a shot and keep the event a memory that can last forever. You can archive a photo in your gallery or print and frame it. That is what they do. They print the images out and place them in frames for people to see. But what is it about setting a picture into a frame?

Take note that frames are ways older than taking shots. Painters and artists have utilized frames for more than 3000 years. Some of the first artists frame things for odd purposes. We will leave it to your imagination. 

But framing a photo does a lot more. You can protect the image within from wearing down. It acts as a barrier that keeps the picture safe and sound. 

A picture frame also acts as an art piece itself. A lot of people care less what the item is overall. But the thing is that frames alone can stand out. They even add spice to a dull wall.

That is why pictures and frames go along well. They have this harmonious balance like no other.


You can find yourself taking images of a butterfly in the park. Someone might see you and mention that they, too, enjoy taking shots of butterflies. Now that might sound like an opening to a fun and light-hearted romance film. But the thing is that it can indeed happen. Once it does, you will find yourself building a connection with someone who enjoys and shares your craft.


You do not have to be a photography professional to start taking images. It also does not mention that you need expensive gear to do so. You can take shots with a camera, phone, or something else. Plus, you can begin taking them anytime and anywhere. Give it a try now!

An Afterword

This article might not have mentioned all the wonders that photography has to offer. But the main point is that you have an idea what they are in essence. What you can do is take your camera out for a day and find out for yourself. No matter what you do, don’t stop taking those beautiful shots.

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