Can you guess what the world’s most popular drink is? It’s coffee! Hundreds of billions of cups are consumed every year all over the world.

Maybe you’re one of those people who has embraced their inner coffee connoisseur, reading up on different flavors and brewing methods. But have you ever considered what coffee is sourced from? Increasingly, coffee is becoming a highly sought-after ethical crop.

Understanding the ins and outs of ethically sourced coffee can help you make better choices for yourself and for those who grow the beans. Keep reading for information about the best way to source coffee.

Fair Trade Coffee

When searching for ethically sourced coffee, look for the Fair Trade Certified™ label. Fair Trade coffee is grown by farmers who are paid a fair price for their beans, ensuring they can make a living wage and support their families and communities.

The coffee farmers are also given resources and training to help them improve their coffee production. Drinking Fair Trade coffee not only supports the farmers and their families but also helps to create a more sustainable and equitable coffee industry.

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Direct Trade Coffee

Direct trade coffee is coffee that is purchased directly from the farmers or cooperatives who grow it. This type of trade eliminates middlemen, ensuring that the farmers are paid the right price for their coffee.

It also allows for a more direct relationship between the coffee growers and the coffee roasters, ensuring that the coffee is of high quality. When selecting direct trade coffee, look for coffees that are traceable back to the farm where they were grown. This information should be readily available from the coffee roaster.

Certified Organic Coffee

Certified organic labeled coffee means that the coffee was grown without the use of synthetic pesticides or fertilizers. The coffee beans were also processed without the use of harsh chemicals. Certified Organic coffee is a great way to enjoy your cup of coffee while knowing that you are supporting sustainable and ethical farming practices.

Shade Grown Coffee

Shade-grown coffee is grown under a canopy of trees, which provides a habitat for birds and other wildlife. The trees also help to protect the coffee plants from the harsh sun and wind.

Shade-grown coffee is typically grown in a more sustainable way than sun-grown coffee, which can damage the environment. To find shade-grown coffee, you can look for it in your local grocery store or online.

Only Buy Ethically Sourced Coffee

There are a few things you can do to make sure you are only buying ethically sourced coffee.

First is to check the label and make sure it says that the coffee is fair trade or ethically sourced. If it doesn’t say that, then it is likely that the coffee was not sourced ethically.

The second is to research the company and see if they have any information on their website about their sourcing practices. Finally, you can ask the company directly about their coffee sourcing practices.

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