Using glue adhesives to install your hair system can be time consuming and complicated. In addition, sometimes you may do it wrong which could damage your likely-expensive hair replacement system entirely. That is why it is recommended to switch to toupee tape for easier installation and maintenance.

What is Toupee Tape?

Toupee or wig tape is similar to regular double-sided stickable tape. The tape is usually made of silicon and comes in transparent patches. They have become very popular today. For one, it is easy and quick to use. Since the tapes can be removed with relative ease, this makes cleaning the hair system effective and hassle-free which is what many hair replacement wearers prefer.

In addition, there are many different types of tape such as Topstick Tape which come in different colors and sizes depending on your needs.

Benefits of Toupee Tape

Using wig tape is beneficial in several ways. It is primarily an excellent start for beginners who might make more mistakes while using toupees or wigs. But that aside, tapes are also beneficial for the following reasons:

Increases the longevity of your toupee

A glue can destroy your hair system if you do it incorrectly or use too much force when removing. Constant use of glue and cleaning can also contribute to wear and tear for your system. On the other hand, toupee tapes make things easier. Unlike glue, you do not have to spend time waiting for it to dry when using tape. You can quickly put it on within a few minutes and let it stay for a more extended period without damaging the lifespan of your hairpiece, at least compared to glue.

It can be used and removed quickly

These tapes also make the installation process of hair systems very easy. The process will be seamless, and you can apply it very quickly. And with adhesive solvent, it will come off easily and generally be easier to remove than glue, as far as residue is concerned.

Better for sensitive skin

It’s always recommended to do a patch test before you apply any adhesive on your scalp to prevent potential irritation or rashes. However, tape is much better than glue if you’re worried about skin sensitivities. One of the reasons is the lack of chemicals present in glue as well as the fact that tapes aren’t typically flammable.


Wig glue certainly has benefits of its own, but as a whole, we recommend going with tape adhesives, especially if you are new to hair replacement systems.


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