Many people are deciding to hold their own firework displays as an alternative to attending large scale events. With many varieties of fireworks available, it’s never been easier to find very good quality options to create your own event on a smaller scale. If you are looking to buy fireworks online, you’ll want to choose the best fireworks for a garden display with the available space you have. Here is a quick guide on the types of fireworks for a successful display at home.

Cakes & Barrages

As space in your garden will be limited compared to a large scale public display, so the size of the fireworks you can use will need to be relevant. As a rule, you should have at least an 8-metre distance between the fireworks and where you will be viewing them from. This means any ground-based fireworks such as cakes or barrages have enough space to work and ensures that if there are any issues that spectators are far enough away. Depending on the size of the firework cake, which has multiple tubes connected together in one box that looks similar to a cake, you may have multiple fireworks launching in sequence. These can be ideal for garden displays as they are a compact size and can easily be set up on the ground. All you have to do is light the fuse and step back, and you’ll have sometimes up to 100 different fireworks providing a long-lasting display.


Another easy to use firework for a garden display are fountains, which spray sparks into the air to give the effect of a fountain. These are simple to use and involve planting into the ground securely before lighting. Depending on the type of fountains you choose, the effects may vary with how far into the air they reach, with some only shooting a few feet upwards to some over 20ft. You’ll need to decide on the size suitable for your garden, as a small garden will not be ideal for the largest fountains. Most will provide instruction on how much space you will need and it is there for your safety just in case there are any issues with use. Fountains are also a quieter alternative to other fireworks that go bang whilst still providing a spectacular effect.


The classic rocket fireworks will always be a mainstay of displays, and there are many different kinds you can buy for use at home. Planted in the ground like a fountain, they will shoot into the air at a high altitude before exploding. If you are concerned with having lots of loud noise, you can choose low-decibel rockets that won’t disturb your neighbours or any pets, allowing you to still enjoy a spectacular display. From skyrockets to bottle rockets which are smaller, you can choose a variety of effects from bangs to crackles and different sequences including shapes, waterfalls, comets and much more. Whilst they launch straight into the air away from spectators, you should still keep a safe distance just in case the rocket falls over before launch and changes angle.

Choosing fireworks for your garden display will come down to preference, but there are plenty of choices available to have a spectacular event whilst staying safe.