No matter which trend is going on, dressing up according to your body type is a key. Imagine wearing a trendy dress that does not fit you well, you will not be able to look attractive. A party attire needs to be catchy as well as perfectly fitted. Here are a few tips to consider when you don’t know how to buy a dress for a party or a wedding event:

Wedding dress for apple shape body:

An apple body shape is one in which the waist is wider than the upper body. The person with this body shape has narrower shoulders as compared to hips. The best aspect of an apple shape body is that many types of tops such as button down tops, anything with a V-neck and flowing tunics look awesome on the apple shape body. You can wear half or full sleeves or completely sleeveless with this body type. In order to get a killing look, you can add layers to your party wear such as a waistcoat in order to hire wedding dress Sydney that is in accordance with your body shape. 

Athletic body shape:

People with athletic body shape have equal proportions of fats on different parts of the body. Anything which is strapless and or gowns with round necks look tremendous on the athletic body shape. Revealing collar bones, neck and shoulders play up various features of this body shape. Try to make your neck look longer by adding a choker necklace to your accessories. Long gown dresses with or without straps also play a big role in making the hip area prominent. Choose party wear that makes your athletic body shape more prominent. 

Pear shape body:

A pear shaped body has a heavier and wider waist than the lower body area. This body shape does not have equal proportions and therefore, you need to wear something that makes your body look elongated. A party wear which moves the body slightly upward and accentuates waist and neck is perfect for this body shape. A-line wedding gown frock paired with waist length jackets will give you a killing look if you have a pear shaped body. Also, choose an embellished neckline to give a fancy look to your dress and accentuate your body features in the best possible way. 

Curvy body shape:

If you are lucky to have a curvy body shape, you will still need to be extra careful about your selection of dress. You don’t need to work on making your curves balanced as they are already balanced and well toned. Elbow-knees will look fantastic with the curvy body shape. You can go with any dress that wraps your body or anything that naturally plays up the features of the curvy body. Mix and match different types of dresses and find what is most suitable for you. This way, you will have expanded options for yourself