Pool accessibility is an issue for the elderly. Whether or not they are disabled, there should be some additions made to make your swimming pool accessible to them without risking their health.

These aids are primarily devices or tools that support a free and independent movement of the elderly towards or/and in the pool. With advancements made in this direction, we are here shortlisting 5 pool accessibility aids for you.

  1. Pool Lifts

The first and possibly the most common, pool lifts transport the person in and out of the pool. The person is secured on a seat that is suspended through a pulley-like system.

Many pools have affixed pool lifts while many others use a portable ones. They are smart, sleek, and of course, durable addition for the elderly to enjoy swimming all summer long.

2. Entry System

Entry systems or pool ladders for the disabled are modified steps that have been in consideration for safe and easy entry to the pools. They have large and wide non-slip treads along with strong handrails for grip. These entry systems come in different sizes and materials and can also be customized as per needs.

3. Transport chairs

We have seen it before. It looks like a normal wheelchair that helps to transport people from one place to another. There are however many new designs introduced to access a swimming pool.

Made of stainless steel, they are portable and submersible that improves strength, functionality, and versatility. With no upholstery and features that may get damaged due to exposure to water, one doesnt have to think twice before investing in one.

  1. Porch Lifts

Porch lifts are a mechanical seat that’s purposed to help elderly people move up and down into a swimming pool. Many therapy centers have permanent lifts attached to their pools whereas many people buy a portable version.

They are smartly designed into order to meet the unique mobility needs of elderly people. If you’ve someone with a physical disability, then having porch lifts affixed to the pool is a wise decision.

  1. Railings

They need no introduction. They are widely used in many areas, homes, and commercial buildings. If you have a swimming pool at home, do not forget to install stainless steel railings that offer the balance one needs to be near the pool.

While you may need extra aid to swim, one can hold onto the railings and prevent accidental fallings on the deck and the pool. They are strong and show anti-rust qualities that add more years to their life.

5. Ramps

The list is incomplete without ramps. They are like a slopped entry to the pool, especially for those with limited mobility. When coupled with railings, it provides the perfect balance for the elderly to enter into the pool.

Many public pools have ADA-compliant ramps built while others have automatic features that fold and unfold the ramps. They can also be considered an alternative pool entry for beginners and kids.

How to simplify pool accessibility in private homes?

Private pool owners have the option to use one or keep all the options open for their aging and/or disabled family members. Alongside, they can upgrade swimming pools for the senior community by installing an electric pool cover or building a pool enclosure to provide an extra layer of protection to the swimming experience.

They are functional and practical additions to your swimming pool. Attached with automatic features, one can cover and uncover the swimming pool in a single click.

There is no dearth of options on the market. So, go shopping or consult pool companies for some amazing options to make your pool perfect for the senior community.