Within corporate travel, a type of displacement is not always exploited in companies that are incentive trips. It can come either as a reward for workers or as a team-building action to strengthen team links. Next, we explain those key points of incentive trips and how to get a good event management company to help you plan the trips.


The benefits are many, both from the point of view of the worker and the company as a whole.

  • Work motivation of the employee: When a worker knows that the reward for a job well done is an incentive trip, he will be motivated to work harder and better. It is proof that his work is valued, which will make him feel more comfortable and happy within the environment, positively impacting his work.
  • Improved links between workers: These types of corporate trips are a good tool to promote unity among workers, promoting relationships within the company. This fact will be directly reflected in productivity within the company and in creating a work environment that encourages work and effort.


When it comes to incentive travel, there is no closed card to choose from. In other words, there can be as many incentive trips as there are occurrences of the company itself. However, some types are more common, which we explain below.

  • Luxury or relax: This type of incentive trip is when the worker is granted a paid stay in a high-standing hotel with expenses paid, or to some kind of spa, etc.
  • Activities: This type of incentive trip covers those trips that revolve around carrying out group activities. Whether outdoor activities, in closed spaces, in group sports, etc. These types of corporate trips are perfect for improving the group atmosphere and the feeling of belonging to the company.
  • Cultural: This type of incentive trip can be a very good idea if you want to plan something quick and at a low cost. In addition, taking your workers to fairs or exhibitions is a way of extolling the company’s values ​​and creating group cohesion.


Organizing a corporate trip of this kind does not have to be complicated if you plan it well. Here are some tips for planning an incentive trip:

  • Type of participants: We must know their tastes, preferences, as well as their age ranges. This is a very important part since, if the age range is high, adventure trips may be less successful than those in which they receive a hotel stay and relax.
  • Spending capacity: Once you know the above, it is convenient to know the costs the company is willing to assume and the total budget available to carry out the trip.
  • Destination and dates: The ideal destination and the most suitable dates must be chosen so that the corporate trip goes perfectly and there are no unforeseen events.
  • Choice of activities. It is very important to program the activities that will be carried out in the incentive trip, depending on the type of trip. In this way, those activities focused mainly on business issues and those dedicated purely to leisure should be properly planned.


Be aware of the different types of event staff out there. If you still do not know whether or not to hire a Staff for your next incentive trip, you must first consider what the event is and the number of people you will need, as discussed earlier. Take note of the following aspects!

  1. Remember the image you want to show and the type of event. It also considers experience, skills, and attitude; review their roles and how long you need them.
  2. Provide the best experience to your attendees. You can provide your staff members with a document specifying their activities or tasks and thus minimize errors during the event.
  3. Plan your hiring: Before hiring your event management staff, you can conduct interviews to learn about their success stories and professional experience.
  4. Know all the measures and laws regarding labor contracts.
  5. Feedback: When the event is over, ask them for their opinion on the improvement points, and get more information about the errors that have occurred.

Do not forget that “respecting safety regulations is vital for the event to go well.” Come with us! At Nspyr, we are ready to take action and help your need for an event management company in Dubai.