With the business scenario evolving every moment, marketing, the lynchpin for many businesses, can ill afford to be stagnant. Even small enterprises are waking up to the potency of this aspect of their trade. Marketing agency New York has come up with some wacky ideas to propel their clients’ commercial endeavors. 

While you are eager to stick your neck out amidst heightened competition, you may be compelled to work around a shoe-string budget. You don’t need to sweat, though; marketing agencies have brainstormed some pretty innovative yet pocket-friendly ideas to promote your brand.

Some of the engagement strategies that marketing agencies in New York are proposing:

  1. Leverage the power of social media, albeit unconventionally

Social media posts, adverts, etc., are bombarding our lives as consumers. As a small and growing business, you may want to stand out by trying the following:

  • Organize a social media contest

Freebies will never go out of fashion. You can always draw your TG’s attention through a Facebook or an Instagram contest and give out attractive prizes. Loca foods tried an Instagram contest with great response.

  • User-generated content

USCs have the potential to have a deep impact, often beyond celebrity endorsements. Get your happy customers to share their real-life experiences of using your product on social media platforms. The viral effect will justify the expense of incentivizing them. Incentivize your loyal customers to share their videos, photos, and testimonials. It will show how they have obtained benefits from the products. It is also important to scan your brand name and relevant hashtag regularly to see how social media users have shared their views. The major goal is to develop high-quality UGC to persuade social media followers to purchase your products and services.

  • Video tutorials

This could be ideally suited for local bakeries or fitness centers etc. In fact, video marketing will never lose its value in the coming years. You can easily identify this trend by analyzing TikTok’s success. The short videos have become popular on Instagram also. You can take advantage of the video and photo-sharing app to publish your video tutorials. Let your potential customers know how your product works. You may also co-host a livestream with influencers.

  • Post something on the hottest topics

The trending topics can be found on social media. For instance, TikTok is known for making songs viral. But, how do you find the trending topics for your small business? You can do it by asking questions to your customers. You may also read relevant discussions on forums. Moreover, a competitive analysis will enable you to find the latest topics. You can celebrate annual events to identify the most-discussed topics.

  • SEO optimized content

Post a series of engaging, SEO optimized blogs to build a follower base.

  1. Collaborate with complementary businesses (for both online & offline organizations)
    • Draw-up cross-promotional strategies that will benefit both businesses. For example, a boutique may offer discount coupons at the local cosmetics store and vice-versa.
    • Go crazy-run a treasure hunt across multiple local retail units. Design it in a way that participants are required to spend some time at each store to unravel the next step.
  2. Associate with local events

Take up small sponsorship options that cater to your product/ service. The large gathering in live events can be the ideal platform to showcase your brand. You can also generate valuable leads for future customers during these events.

  1. Collect customer feedback

Large corporations have used this tool to build long-term customer engagement strategies. For smaller businesses, it’s important to make your customers feel special. Use their feedback to tailor your offer.

  1. Enter contests designed for small businesses

Marketing agency New York recommends entering contests to win. A winner tag in your business domain gives you a cutting edge over competitors. Dream Big Awards, National Small Business Week Award, etc., are popular platforms.

  1. Mystery boxes work

Bundle up your slow-moving products and offer them at really lucrative prices to draw customer eyeballs. Zac’s Sweet Shop does this effectively.

  1. Extreme marketing catches attention

A bike stunt organized by an auto-decor retailer might grab a sizable mind space of potential buyers.

  1. Take advantage of visual stunts

You like to apply different ways to draw attention to your brand and business. You can show a concept in an innovative and dramatic way. For instance, the housing charity can show a miniature home to the target audience. However, there is no need to take any complicated steps to reach your goal.

Tips for choosing stunts

  • You must do something impactful and fun. Make sure that it is the first attempt in the world. Moreover, your activity must be related to your business.
  • The best time to apply a marketing stunt may be at a big event with regional news coverage and several attendees.
  • Openly talk about the failure of a competitor’s brand. 

Marketing agency New York advises you to plan an innovative marketing calendar that resonates with your target audience without burning a hole in your pocket.