Soap is a personal care product and is known to be the oldest cosmetic product. We all use soap for personal hygiene and in household routines, in one shape or another. Actually, soap is the widely used indispensable product in our homes.

According to research, the first soap was made in 2800 B.C. and that is the reason we have a proper washing and bathing time. The soaps are mostly made from water, animal fats, and wood ash and it’s the original composition. On the other hand, the soap has progressed and they are available in different flavors.

In addition, there are different soap categories for treating different skin conditions, such as acne-prone, dry, oily, and sensitive. This is why more brands are creating soaps but the competition is very tough. This is why it is important to work on printable soap labels because they create an attractive point. In this article, you can find how to create appealing soap labels.

Importance of Soap Labels 

First of all, the soap labels matter because they add the final touch to soap packaging. Soap labels will create a connection between customers and brands. This is important because if the product is great but don’t have the right packaging, you won’t capture sales.

Similarly, if you are using custom boxes for soaps, the soap label will easily accentuate the product. There are different benefits of using soap labels, such as;

  1. The soap labels are affordable and appealing 
  2. They provide value to soap products 
  3. They reflect your soap brand 
  4. They share information about the soap bar 
  5. They can be applied to the soap directly 
  6. They can stick to every soap 

Labels are great for showing compliance and transparency, in addition to making soaps more convincing and appealing. Now, let’s which things you need to keep in mind.

Regulations Related to Soap Labels 

It is important to understand how the soap is manufactured as well as the intended use. These bits of information show how the soaps are regulated. It is important to make sure the soap labels are compliant with the regulations.

Depending on your location, you will need to get the product regulated by FDA and CPSC. The traditional soaps are manufactured from alkalis and fats, which means they have vegetable fats and animal fats only. In this case, you need to label that it’s only a soap and is CSPC compliant. 

On the other hand, if your soap product has additional ingredients, it will need certification by FDA. According to FDA, the soap should have alkali salts of the fatty acids and which synthetic ingredients are offering the cleansing experience. With FDA jurisdiction, you must add the intended use of the soap on the label. If this is confusing for you, ask the legal team to see which jurisdiction the soap falls under. 

Things to Add on Soap Labels 

There are different bits of information that should be added to the soap labels. Some of these include;

  • Identity statement – make sure the identity statement has the word soap in it. If your soap has special ingredients, add that on the label as a part of the identity statement. In addition, you can use the image to show the real characteristics of the soap 
  • Net weight – when you add the identity statement, the next thing is adding the net weight. It must specify the net wt. of the soap and show it with oz. The net weight of the soap should be printed on the front part of the soap label. Make sure it is printed at least 1.16-inches in height 
  • Brand name & address – you can include the soap brand name and address on the soap label. This information can be printed on any part of the label (back or front). In addition, you can add a phone number, address, and website 
  • Ingredient’s list – if you are regulated under CPSC, you don’t need to mention the ingredients but adding them will always add a unique touch. Besides, mentioning the ingredients list will create a transparent experience and people will buy more when they know what they are putting on their body and skin 

Designing the Soap Labels

Making the soap labels is serious business. It needs to be a combination of art and science to ensure the soap product is actually successful. To create the soap labels, you must be creative, and the following tips can help;

  • Add the brand logo and name 
  • Make sure the soap name is easy to read and visible 
  • Make wise use of graphics and images 
  • Experiment with colors. You can associate the label colors with the flavor or fragrance 
  • Show if the soap is sustainable and organic 

So, are you ready to create attractive soap labels for your soap brand?