Having old sarees for sale and not being able to find a place to sell them is a big headache. Before searching for why to see old sarees? You should know why it is a terrible idea to get a new saree to replace your old one. 

You might not know the potential value of your saree while trading. Also, you may not know the specifics of how they decide the value. Additionally, you can only purchase sarees from that shop. You know what to do if you decide to cash in your old silk saree.

Oldzari.com is an amazing site to sell old sarees. At Oldzari, you find the direct mill rate without any cost cutting. They do the “Quality Test” on the silk saree using the zari tip. The item is returned undamaged and in the same condition as when it was sent.

When you send an item to Oldzari, they perform a “Quality Test” to determine whether it is made of pure Zari or Tested/Imitation Zari. If your item contains pure zari, they get in touch with you with the selling price and a free quality test report; otherwise, they return your item to you at no additional cost.

Sell Old Zari Sarees at The Best Price

Old silk saree buyers in your area might not give you all the information you need to know about your Zari’s quality while selling. So, you might never know if you got the best price.

Oldzari.com gives every consumer the complete openness they require regarding the item they are selling. Prior to selling the used silk saree to them, not all of the customers were aware of its value. Customers were shocked by the selling price that Oldzari offered and almost traded in their silk sarees for kitchenware.

Your chances of receiving a 25% higher selling price than average for your sarees will go higher if you buy them from reputable/reliable dealers or government societies. 

To guarantee that your things are safe during shipping, they give you a Secure Packing Saree Pouch. With this, you also receive a Tamper-Proof Courier Cover at no additional cost.

Everything happens right in front of you. You receive the total amount to your bank account or UPI as soon as you confirm a sale. Without asking any questions, they will return your products to you if you are not happy with the selling price they offer to the customers.

Even though sarees are among the oldest traditional clothing items in our nation, selling sarees for cash is a completely novel idea, so it is reasonable for you to have some skepticism regarding the services of Oldzari. Therefore, Oldzari has created a thorough questionnaire with questions and responses that may be of use to you. 

At OldZari, they value creating a trustworthy relationship between you and their staff. They do the test on your zari products. For instance, they do not check the quantity and quality of gold or silver to ensure transparency. 

Then, the process continues by evaluating various elements of the products and comparing the quantities to those that are accepted globally. They give you a detailed report of our findings along with the amount we want to pay you for the item. 

Why should you pick Oldzari.com above other nearby saree vendors?

Many customers find the thought of purchasing and selling goods online rather unappealing. 

The offline saree shop owners are, in fact, the ones who may give you a less expensive saree in exchange for this zari saree resale business. 

By completing all the tests and providing you with a free report of the findings, Oldzari avoids any such malpractices. Moreover, it gives you a free and fair sum of cash. So, move to Oldzari, with your old sarees for selling.