Bounce houses are a great outdoor activity on a sunny day. Bounce houses are typically inflatable structures on which people can jump, bounce, and play around for fun.

Jump house for sale come in many shapes and sizes. Bounce houses also come equipped with different activities or functions to make them more fun, regardless of what you use yours for!

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What Type Of Bounce House Do I Need?

Bounce houses can be broken down into four main categories: Bounce Houses with slides, Bounce Houses without slides, Bounce Houses with obstacle courses, and Bounce Houses with pools.

These different Bounce Houses have various applications and provide slightly different experiences for those who go onto them.

It is vital to know what you will be using your Bounce House for when you rent one. Your Bounce House should be able to provide the experience that you want out of it!

Bounce Houses With Slides:

Bounce Houses with slides are great for kids who want to go down a slide. These Bounce Houses are suitable for simple fun but are not necessarily the best if you also wish to bounce space or an obstacle course on your bounce house.

Don’t get one of these if you’re looking for something more than simply playing on a bounce house with a slide on it.

Bounce Houses Without Slides:

Bounce Houses without slides are great for children who want to go up and down the bounce space as you do on standard bouncy castles.

These types of Bounce Houses are probably best if you’re looking for some bouncing fun while also having something else, like an obstacle course, on the Bounce House.

Bounce Houses With Obstacle Courses:

Bounce Houses with obstacle courses are great for slightly older children who want to have more fun bouncing around while playing some of their favorite games.

These Bounce Houses provide a decent amount of space for jumping and then also come equipped with different obstacles that make the Bounce House even more fun. These are great for slightly older children looking to have a lot of fun in their bounce house.

Bounce Houses With Pools:

Bounce Houses with pools provide kids with an opportunity to go swimming, even if the weather isn’t perfect for it!

If you’re considering buying one of these, however, it is vital to know that you can’t go onto a Bounce House with a pool on it if the Bounce House itself isn’t waterproof.

Waterproof Bounce Houses with pools are great for kids who want to play and swim all at once!

Where Can I Use A Bounce House?

Bounce Houses can be used almost anywhere that you wouldn’t mind getting a few rubber stains on the ground from.

If you’re looking for an activity to do at your next barbecue, consider bringing a Bounce House! They’re fun for all ages and are great if you have some grassy yards or other outdoor spaces that you can use!

How Much Does A Bounce House Cost?

Bounce Houses are pretty affordable, but the cost depends upon several factors such as:

i. The size of the Bounce House

ii. The added features of the Bounce House, such as slides or pools

iii. Where you plan to keep it! If you’re keeping it in your backyard permanently, then you can expect a lower price per usage than if you only use it once a year for 4 hours. The more often you use your Bounce House, the lower the cost per user.

Who Can Use A Bounce House?

Bounce Houses are safe for kids and adults of all ages to play on! They’re great for kid’s parties where people of all ages will be present because everyone can have fun bouncing around in them!

If you have two children who are close in age but are still slightly different ages, you can even use the Bounce House for both of them to play on at once! It makes Bounce Houses an extremely versatile entertainment option.

Are Bounce Houses Good Exercise?

Yes, Bounce Houses are great exercise! Because Bounce Houses provide so much fun while being active, they have been shown to increase activity levels in children significantly.

You can expect your child to burn calories on a Bounce House if they’re playing on one for around an hour, which is quite significant!

Where Can I Get A Bounce House?

Bounce Houses can be purchased online or in stores! If you’re looking at getting the most affordable option possible, then buying one online would probably be your best bet.

If you’re getting a specific type of Bounce House, you should check the Amazing Jumps Tents & Events website. 

They have a wide variety of Bounce Houses and should provide you with the type you’re looking for!


Bounce Houses are a great way to spend some time having fun with family or friends. They’re also super versatile, as they can be used almost anywhere! All of this is what makes them one of the best ways to have fun!