Our study on Shafoni Legit? Shafoni Legal uncovers the true color of the site. It will reveal the characteristics and credibility of this site.

Do you think furniture can transform the ambience of your home? Are you in search of low-cost furniture of good quality to furnish your home? If so, the Shafoni shop located in the United States is the ideal place to shop. However, before you buy at this website, take a moment to read this article to learn more about whether Shafoni is legitimate.?

The following are crucial points in relation to the legitimacy of this site.

Information on the legitimacy of Shafoni

Shafoni is an online retailer which sells furniture that is of high design and good quality. The products they sell are stunning however before you purchase any item from the store it is important to ensure that the website is legitimate and safe. The website is well-known with a high reputation, therefore there are less possibilities, however, there are fraud However, you should be vigilant. Buyers must always be cautious about sharing personal details with untrusted websites.

Therefore, it is essential to learn the important information about this site through the Shafoni Reviews. Shafoni has a range of furniture that is affordable and of high quality. Here are a few of the details regarding legitimacy.

  • The website was created This website was built on the 28th November 2021. This means that this website is not more than six months old. This means that the website brand new and unsure.
  • Registration: Shafoni was registered by NameCheap, Inc.
  • Social accounts: Shafoni has no social media accounts. However the email addresses, phone numbers and email numbers are through the site.
  • Security of data: Shafoni uses HTTPS protocol to guarantee secure data transmission.
  • Trust score This website has a low trust score of 1% which is extremely suspicious. Therefore, the question becomes: is Shafoni Legit?
  • Customer feedback Reviews were not discovered on either the official site or the review sites online most likely due to the fact that this site is brand new and only a few people are aware of it.
  • Privacy policies The necessary policies , including privacy policy and shipping policy, return policy, refund policy, as well as the terms and conditions are outlined on the site’s layout. However the warranty policy wasn’t listed anywhere on the website.
  • Information missing Social media accounts were not visible on the site. However, contact numbers as well as the location and email address were listed on the site.

Brief on Is Shafoni Legit?

The website was designed to provide quality and affordable furniture that can be used in your home. Shafoni offers a wide range of furniture with excellent design and high-quality. The products offered by Shafoni are listed below:

  • Sofa
  • Coffee table
  • Chair

The features of Shafoni

  • Purchase furniture from https://shafoni.com/
  • 209 20th STN #95 Birmingham Postal Code: 35203. Alabama
  • Contact number Call number: +1-207-762-5210
  • Refund Policy Return Policy: Items may be exchanged within seven days after the date of purchase.
  • The policy for refunds Refunds are processed within 7-15 business days.
  • Shipping Policies Shipping Policy: Orders are delivered within 3-7 days of the date you place an order.
  • Based on our investigation of Shafoni’s legitimacy, we found that Shafoni Real there were no reviews discovered from the official site, or the reviews websites online.
  • Policy on payment: Shafoni uses Mastercard as well as PayPal as their payment options.
  • Warranties: No warranty period is stated on the site .

Positiv points

  • The email address and phone number could be found on the website
  • They sell high-quality items for a reasonable price.
  • The site that the business was located was located.

Points Negative

  • The person who owns this domain is hiding.
  • The social media accounts of the shop were not available.
  • The website is not rated most likely because it’s still in its initial stages.

Shafoni Reviews

There were no reviews on the official site or the review websites on the internet This indicates that the website isn’t completely reliable. Also the information of the owner and social profiles for the website weren’t found. Other than that an email address as well as a telephone number, and address of the shop were easily accessible.


The website is only six months old, and could be considered to be skeptical. The trust score for this site can be as low as percent, which begs the issue of is Shafoni a legitimate business? Apart from that it is true that the products offered by the shop are excellent.