This article we’ll determine the validity that is Mackowski Shop’s legitimacy. Mackowski Shop. We will also show that the Mackowski Shop Legit or an enigma.

Are you searching for everyday lifestyle products at a low price? A lot of businesses across the United Kingdom have an intermediary, retailer and shopkeeper who cut their own expenses and sending you the product. However, what happens if you purchase direct from the business at the initial price. is a site that offers a variety of goods directly from the manufacturer to the buyer at a price that is affordable. To verify the legitimacy of the business it is important to know the legitimacy of Mackowski Shop. Mackowski Shop Legit.

Validation of Mackowski.Shop

  • Domain age:The website was created on the 18th of April, 2022. The domain has a very short lifespan.
  • Alexa rating:there can’t be an Alexa ranking for a brand new site.
  • Trust Score of Website:this site is very recent, therefore the trust score is 1 percent for this site.
  • Social media pages: On the website page you will find options for linking to social media however when you click it, there aren’t specific pages that are available for this website.
  • The owner’s information isnot found on any website.

Mackowski Store Reviews are vital to find the authenticity of a site. Websites can’t be reviewed by people which are two days old.

  • Copy material: website content is not fully clear in the Plagiarism system, therefore we are unable to determine the copied content on this site.
  • Review by customers in the “official” page on the website there are no customer reviews and there isn’t any social media platform to confirm the legitimacy of the website by reviewing.
  • Validity of contact details:not available on the website
  • Policy on exchanges and returnsthis business has 14 days to exchange and return policy.

about Mackowski.Shop

To decide if you can tell if Mackowski Shop Legitor or not, it is necessary to know what the company is all about. Mackowski Shop claims to provide the entire range of retail clothing and everyday items for sale at a low price according to demand from customers. The site offers a variety of products that are used daily. They say they offer products that are top-quality and unique since they ship directly from the factory directly to the consumer.


  • The website’s design:contain every style of item needed for a daily basis.
  • The date of website creation: 18 April 2022
  • Website address:
  • Email
  • Number to contact: 079 1247 7533

Does Mackowski Shop legitimate or a fraud? We can conclude that based on the data we found on the official site. Everything we can find on the website does not support the credibility of the company. The website was created in just two days. It is not possible to trust an extremely new website.

  • Contact information:This website does not contain any information on the contact information of this firm.
  • Sorting and Filtering:The sort option is accessible in all categories of products.
  • Product Price: US dollar, Euro, GBP, Canadian Dollar, Australian dollar.
  • Delivery and shipping: this company provides worldwide shipping at no cost, but there’s no information on how long it takes to get there.
  • Method of payment: PayPal

Pros to consider: Is Mackowski Shop Legit.

  • The site states that they have communication with factory, so they are able to offer the most affordable cost for the product.
  • The cost of each product was quite cheap and also suspicious at the all the same time.
  • Contact information as well as email addresses are available on the site.


  • The score of trust on the website is extremely low. One reason behind the low score is the fact that it was created two days prior to the date of its release.
  • There are no social media links from which we can get any information about this website or its products.
  • Other information regarding the owner and the products is not clear in the site’s About section.

Mackowski Store Reviews

We could not locate any reviews for this brand new website. The site has a lot of products listed on its page. Reviews are essential to determine the legitimacy of the product as well as the website. Social media accounts are not accessible to read customer reviews to determine their authenticity. 

Conclusion is a newly developed website that was just launched. Other details you need to comprehend is provided here. The legitimacy of the site doesn’t favor clarity. is Mackowski Shop Legit ,or a scam.