Change is the only constant, right? And that holds true for the marketing world as well. Keeping track and keeping up with these changes and trends can be quite a challenge.

With the ever-increasing competition, the end of cookie tracking soon enough, and the growth of Metaverse, most organisations need to adapt and realign their course of action to stay relevant.

But with so many changes, two things remain universal – authenticity and uniqueness. Products and services that tame the heart will likely be sold in abundance. If you can convince your audience that your product brings qualities that can have profound changes in their lives, then you have succeeded as a marketer.

This is why it is best to approach a digital marketing agency, which is always updated which such changes in the digital marketing arena. Such agencies are proficient in adapting to the changing scenarios and making the best use of the available marketing strategies.

Let’s deep dive into how best to keep up with the competition by using innovative marketing strategies.

Market yourself in the Metaverse

Around 85 million people used augmented reality or virtual reality in 2021. Usage has been growing steadily and has more than doubled since 2017, as technology advances have made VR and AR more tempting.

Digital Marketing Agency

If you are not already marketing in the Metaverse in 2022, it can be a good start to make your content reach out to a huge mass of audience. Understanding how to market your products in Metaverse will help drive younger consumers.

If you are new to the concept of Metaverse, you could always reach out to a digital marketing agency which could guide you regarding the audience and efficient approaches to sales.

Alternatives to Third-Party Cookies for Collecting Data

Third-party cookies are going to come to an end since Google announced that it would end cookie tracking in 2023. This means businesses need to find a new way to track audience data with respect to age, hobbies, income and other factors, which help in reaching the right customers.

What’s the solution? Facebook Ads!

People are willing to give out significant information on social media platforms regarding their lifestyle. This is information present in their public profiles and activity. And as such, Facebook lead ads target this information to reach customers according to their needs and the possibility of purchasing a product or service.

Since users directly give this information out on their own free will, it is called zero-party data.


Highlighting the qualities of your products/services is an old-school technique. People are more interested in hearing stories about how your business impacted someone’s life.

Storytelling is important to gain attention in today’s world.  A well-crafted story gets etched into people’s hearts and is the best way to tap into users’ emotions. 

Storytelling should be involved in most of your content, from crafting an interesting narrative on your website’s About Us page to posting social media content. 

Use storytelling wherever possible; how-to-do posts, guides, blogs, posts, on images, in your web content, etc.  Unless your brand guidelines dictate otherwise, speak to your consumers as they are your friend, converse and relate to your audience, thereby creating a loyal consumer base.

Content that is Informative and Authentic

This one is probably the most underrated marketing tips. Consumers today understand that most content created on social media platforms and websites is driven by agendas to make money and sell stuff. They’re not likely to respond positively to content that only prioritises sales.

So, what should you do in that case? Well, if the customer is smart, you need to act smarter!

Brands need to develop better strategies to build authentic relationships with their audiences. Creating live content is one of the best ways to involve authenticity in your marketing campaigns. Host a live podcast, stream Facebook live videos, etc. Being live with the audience creates trust and a sense of belonging among the viewers.

So, in a nutshell, these were some pointers to help you keep up with the changing digital marketing trends. To successfully rise above your competition, it is necessary to adapt to these changing trends. Hiring a good digital marketing agency can be a great step in that direction.

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