Did you know that more than 14 million homes in the United States of America have seen roaches in their homes in the last 12 months? A pest infestation is never a good time, no matter what types of pests you and your family are dealing with. One of the main goals you should have as a homeowner is to take steps to protect your home and keep it pristine.

There are certain signs that you need to keep your eyes open for when it comes to a potential pest problem. Identifying these signs will help you to start the journey of finding the right pest company to help with your situation.

The good news is that you’re in the right place to learn all about how to identify a pest infestation and the steps you can take to get rid of pests. Keep reading to learn more!

1. Pest Feces

One of the biggest signs that you have a real pest problem on your hands is the accumulation of pest droppings or pest feces in and around your home. Start by taking a walk through your home and take some time to explore areas where pests are likely to call home. Drawers, crawlspaces, basements, and attics are all hotspots to check out.

Finding pest droppings in any of these areas is a sign that you might need pest services to keep your home safe. You can also use the pest droppings to determine what types of pests you’re up against. Rodents produce feces that are cone-shaped. If you’re not sure what types of feces you’re finding then call your local pest company to get some help with managing the pest infestation.

2. Odd Odors

Another big sign to look for if you suspect that you have a pest problem is a strange odor in certain areas or rooms of your home. Pest feces and urine produces a strange odor that you can’t miss if you have a pest problem in your home.

You also face issues like dead pests in your home. These pests will produce foul odors when they decompose, often in areas that are hidden from your sight. Your family faces health issues if you leave these pests to decompose in your home, so it’s always best to look for a pest company that can help you rid your house of these critters.

3. Torn Fabrics and Gnaw Marks

You could also start noticing tears in different fabrics around your home when you have a pest infestation. This is most common when you’re dealing with an infestation of rodents rather than roaches or termites. If you notice an abundance of roaches then it’s a good idea to seek help with roach control as well.

Any wooden furniture or finishings to your home could also become a target for rodents since they need to gnaw. Rodents are dangerous because they tend to gnaw on things like electrical wires which could eventually cause electrical fires and major damage to your home.

4. Strange Noises

Many people that face a pest problem in their homes tend to hear strange noises at night. There are a variety of noises that you need to listen to if you’re worried that you have a pest infestation on your hands. You might hear scuttling from rodents running across your floors or you might hear squeaking from fighting amongst these pests.

Scratching is another common occurrence when you have a pest problem with mice or rats in your house. These pests often make these noises when exploring your home in search of food.

Termites also create noises that you should keep an ear open for if you want to protect your home. Listen for soft tapping in your walls as this is a sign that the termites are munching on your home’s wooden support beams. 

5. Body Parts

Body parts are a sign of pest infestation of insects rather than mammals like mice. Mice and other pests might leave behind droppings but insects tend to leave behind shells and body parts. A great place to check for these body parts is near the windows of your home.

Dead cockroaches are also a sign that you need to take steps to get rid of pests in your home. You start searching for these cockroach carcasses in places like cabinets, drawers, and the floor of your home’s pantry. These signs should make it an easy decision to hire a pest company to check out your home.

6. Mud Tubes

One of the main signs that your home has a termite problem is the prevalence of mud tubes. Mud tubes are the main form of transportation for termites because it offers them protection from predators as they move around. You should have no problems noticing a mud tube in your home.

As soon as you spot these mud tubes it is a good idea to get in touch with the pest services in your area. They’ll get rid of the mud tubes and take steps to exterminate the termites before they do further damage to your home.

7. Ladybugs

Make no mistake, ladybugs are cute and beautiful. Still, they are also a bad sign when you’re finding them in your home on a regular basis. Finding ladybugs outside is a good thing because it means that they’re managing the aphid population out in your yard or garden.

Finding these beautiful creatures inside of your home is a sign that you have an infestation of small insects. Ladybugs love to eat mites, white flies, and other insects so make sure to contact your preferred pest company if you notice a lot of ladybugs that have moved into your home.

Start Dealing With Your Pest Infestation Today

The best time to start getting rid of the pest infestation in your home is right now since pests like rodents and roaches pose health issues for you and your family. Start taking tours of your home to check for a pest problem, and make sure you listen at night for any scratching or squeaking. Most of all, look for mud tubes to protect your home from the damage caused by termites.

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