The term “discreet dating” refers to a type of casual relationship that involves two people where one (or both) is usually married or in a long-term relationship with another person. Some consider it cheating; for some, it is a proven way to save their marriage from total destruction. No matter the reason and purpose, discreet dating has always been one of the most popular topics on the dating scene.

We all know that it’s better to solve the issue with your long-term relationship as soon as it appears rather than seek excuses, but we are not here today to discuss what is good and what is bad. Instead, let’s look at some tips on finding discreet hookups locally and staying safe, as the art of discreet dating is something that requires you to be clever, flexible, and always cautious.

How to Find Discreet Hookups and Keep It Private

When it comes to arranging hookups so that your partner doesn’t know about it, what is the best way of seeking partners that comes to your mind? For example, some prefer to keep it within their work. If it’s a big company and a huge team you work with, why don’t you look closer at some of your colleagues? There should be a few people you find attractive and who probably don’t mind getting frisky with you, even considering that you are in a relationship. Just make sure to mention that you are not looking for anything serious to avoid misunderstanding.

If the risks of being caught are high when you hook up with someone from your work, let’s change the field of our search. Since we do almost everything through our smartphones nowadays, and a smartphone is basically something that you carry everywhere, what are the chances of finding someone on the Internet? Online dating is currently on the rise, so finding new partners has become a lot easier. The best part of using a dating site for arranging discreet hookups is that it allows you to keep your affairs private, and you can access it from anywhere, just using your phone or a laptop.

Modern dating platforms allow you to look for discreet dates in any city, which means you can find a partner living as far as you want. And since such platforms are usually made for hookups only, you won’t need to deal with the drama of your casual partner falling in love with you or judging you for dating discreetly. Thus, let’s take a closer look at how online dating works in this regard and how you can make it as beneficial and safe as possible.

Ensuring Safety of Your Identity When Dating Online

Even considering how safe and secure online dating is, there are still some rules to follow if you want your affairs to remain discreet.

  • Use only trustworthy dating platforms

We all know that not every platform on the Internet can be trusted; the same applies to online dating. There are thousands of dating sites currently exist on the Web, so choosing the right one can be a tricky task. When choosing a website for arranging discreet hookups, go for a platform that requires registration. Such sites are usually more protected from scams and fakes. If you think carefully, it also helps avoid being revealed by someone you know since they need to create an account as well to access the site. The second thing to pay attention to is if the site you choose uses geolocation. This small feature will allow you to find hookups as close or distant from you as you want. And third, if the platform of your choice has built-in filters, you’ll be able to find people who match your criteria the most, choosing everything from their looks to their personal traits.

  • Protect your personal information

Since we are talking about discreet hookups, avoid getting too personal with people you meet. You can share your real name (or keep it private too), age, and maybe some things you like to do in your spare time, but nothing more. It’s better not to overshare if you don’t want to worry about someone finding out about your adventures.

  • Follow smart technology safety rules

Knowing the basic rules of smart technology safety is vital if you want to date discreetly like a pro. Always clear your browser’s history after chatting with potential partners, log out of your dating account to avoid anyone from using it except you, and don’t save your login and password. These simple precautionary measures can help you avoid being revealed big time.


The excitement of discreet dating is something that many people pursue, but it can become a complete failure if you don’t know how to do it right. Following the tips we provided today, you’ll be able to find a partner or even two to arrange discreet hookups at any time of the day and in any place. Just be cautious and don’t overshare your adventures with anyone.