Kubet with game Fan-tan is the most online betting game that is chosen by a large number of players. Fan-tan live has a very simple way to play but is equally attractive and interesting. It brings a thrill and drama every time the bowl is opened. On the other hand, it is also a great money-making opportunity for betting enthusiasts. In today’s post, the admin will share the most effective secret of playing kubet fan-tan, making money the fastest.

Fan-tan kubet – General introduction

Fan-tan is a online casino bonuses game provided by the house kubet. This is the game with the largest number of participants today. The game originated in China. After that, it spread and quickly entered the Vietnamese market. Currently, discus is an indispensable betting game in all casino betting halls.

Fan-tan has very simple rules and gameplay. For beginners, it only takes 1 or 2 games to grasp how to play. Specifically, the game takes the color of 4 round buttons as the scoring unit. Each round button has 2 faces, 1 red side, and 1 white side. The dealer will put 4 round buttons on a plate, then turn 1 bowl upside down. When the betting time has elapsed, the dealer will flip the disc upside down. That’s why the game is called dice. After shuffling the disc, the dealer will open the bowl and find out the outcome of that bet.

Bets in live roulette

 Based on the color of the round buttons, the system divides bets as follows:

– 4 red buttons, 4 white buttons, 2 red buttons 2 white buttons: Even

– 3 red buttons 1 white button, 3 white buttons 1 red button: Odd

– 4 red buttons, 3 red buttons 1 white button: Tai

– 4 white buttons, 3 white buttons 1 red button: Under

In addition to even, odd, over, under, you can also predict specifically the bet, the payout ratio will be much higher.

Why should you play fan-tan at kubet?

 When it comes to living disc jockey, it is impossible not to think of kubet. Because this house is the place that provides the best quality live disc jockey on the market today.

Kubet is known as the most prestigious online bookmaker in the market. This address has a large number of players, covering the whole of Vietnam. With reputable sites like kubet, you can be completely assured of your bets during the betting process. In particular, kubet is the only bookie that offers live shocks. All poker tables are life at the casino. Accompanying the bets will be the Vietnamese dealer. This makes the game more transparent than ever. Panoramic camera, clear, ensuring each MC’s activities are fully recorded. This is the factor that helps the live disc jockey at kubet have such a large number of players.

The advantages of playing fan-tan at kubet

– The leading reputable bookmaker in the betting market

– Simple and fast registration

– Secure player information with the most advanced technology

– Diverse products with many forms of betting: Casino, lottery, sports, shooting fish, 3d games, exploding jars, …

– Fast and safe deposit and withdrawal

– Links with all banks and payment apps in Vietnam

– Live live at the casino, ensuring 100% transparency

– Highest payout rate today

– Continuously provide promotions for all members

– 24/7 support team

With all the above advantages. Quickly register for a kubet account to experience the most attractive betting service.

After learning about kubet live disc shocks as well as reputable suppliers. In the next part, let’s discover the secret to playing fan-tan for money most effectively.

The secret to playing fan-tan’s kubet to earn millions

Poker is a game of chance betting. The entire outcome of the bet is not 100% predictable. Many people believe that to win, it is necessary to have luck. However, for experts, playing dice can calculate and turn it into a profitable game. So how to make money from kubet fan-tan?

The secret to choosing a fan-tan’s table

 To start the quality and effective bets. You need to choose a table that suits your playing style. Each betting table displays the result statistics table. Based on that, you can choose the appropriate betting table. To choose the correct table, you need to know what your playing style is.

Assuming the betting table has a flat bridge, you will need to follow the bridge or break the bridge. With tables that do not follow any demand ratio, you need to play a fast strategy. With beginner tables that do not have many results, you should wait or choose another table. Next, the admin will guide you to choose the bridge effectively.

Earn millions by paying attention 

Checking the bridge is the way to play all poker players need to grasp. No matter how little or how much experience, there will be certain effects. Thereby, all poker tables have a table of results. This statistics table will display the results of Even, Odd, and Over, Under. If you want to bet on any form, look at that statistics table.

Next, you observe the ratio that the statistics table shows. From there, realize how the betting table is in demand. For the most part, live kubet will have popular ratios variables like 1:1, 1:2, 1:3, 2:2, and 2:3. 3:3, 3:3:3,…

If you enter the betting table and see the above odds appear, you can proceed on demand. If demand at these rates persists. At this point, you can use the bridge-breaking method. Then combine with the folding strategy to ensure a 100% bet.

Earn money with a folding strategy

 Folding is a popular way of playing in all forms of betting. Not only kubet live disc shock. But you can also use this way of playing in all other betting games. Specifically, you will bet the next hand double the bet, if the previous game you lose. The order of folding can be understood as follows:

First game: Bet 200 points => Lose bet

Next game: Bet 200 points => Lose bet

Next game: Bet 400 points => Lose bet

Next game: 800 points => Win the bet

Next game: Return to the original bet of 200 points

The following games continue to bet in the same order as above until you reach your target profit.

This way of playing is extremely effective, especially when breaking bridges. Should only be used when you want to hit a certain bet with many hands. With unspecified bets, what to play or what ratio to go. Using it in a hurry will not bring high efficiency. It even costs a decent amount of capital to measure inches.

The smart way to manage bets

In addition to using the tips to play dice. The management of bets also determines your victory. Specifically, you need to set specific goals. The bet level per game as well as the desired profit amount. It is necessary to control your own desires to be the most alert.

Let’s say you want your profit to be 1 million. You need to prepare yourself for the number from 2 million pouring up. Then each hand, you should only bet 200 points. Then use the folding strategy to ensure the safety of your bet. Once you have made a profit of 1 million. Should stop and continue playing the next day.


Kubet and fan-tan are casino addresses worth choosing. This is definitely a betting game that brings high entertainment value and huge profits. Hope the tips that the admin share. Will help players win live kubet dice? From there bring yourself the most attractive bonuses.https://kubet77.win/ appreciates!!!