So, you want to learn how to take better pictures of jewelry, huh? One of the best things you can do is make sure you’ve picked a good subject. Because photographing jewelry is all about capturing that beauty, a poorly chosen subject will render your efforts fruitless. 

So, how do you go about choosing the best subjects for jewelry photography? Well, it’s pretty simple: look at everything around you and ask yourself, “What’s beautiful, and how can I capture that beauty on film?”

Here Are Some Tips to Help You Take the Best Possible Photos of Jewelry

Use a microlens to take the correct type of photo 

Selling jewelry online without taking good pictures is a recipe for failure. You only get one chance to make an impression on a prospective buyer, so it’s important to take good photos that showcase the jewelry well. 

One way to get better pictures is to use a macro lens to photograph jewelry. A macro lens is a tiny lens that attaches directly to your DSLR and helps you take better photo close-ups. These lenses are affordable and come in different sizes, so you can find one that fits your camera.

Use a tripod to avoid shaking the camera

When photographing jewelry, you must take particular care to eliminate any unwanted shaking. The easiest way is to put the camera on a sturdy tripod.

Light your jewelry evenly and thoroughly

To photograph jewelry, you’ll need more than just a digital camera. There are many accessories, such as lights and reflectors, that can enhance the quality of your images.

Select the correct space and ensure everything is in focus

Jewelry photography isn’t exactly easy, but it’s not impossible. The key to making jewelry look good and shine under the light of a camera lens is choosing the right aperture. 

While an aperture is most commonly thought of as the f-stop, it does more than just control how much light comes through your camera’s lens. Aperture controls the depth of field, which affects how everything in an image appears.

You ask someone about their favorite piece of jewelry, and chances are it is fine jewelry. After all, jewelry is worn every day, and it can be passed down from mother to daughter to granddaughter. So, when photographing fine jewelry, it’s important to know a few tricks of the trade. 

First, fine jewelry is company jewelry, and photographs need to represent this. Second, jewelry is meant to be worn, so always give the piece some life by placing it on a person. Finally, lighting is everything.

When it comes to taking pictures, jewelry photography is tricky since the gems in fine jewelry are sensitive and can easily get damaged in a flash. 

Thus, in order to capture the sparkle of your other gems, many jewelry photographers use natural lighting. On the other hand, many photographers fail to make a living from their work, barely making a living.

Why do some photographers succeed, and why are some photographers fail? Much of it has to do with photography’s financial aspect, including whether you’re creating content to sell or for personal use. But another factor is simply how you make the subject you’re photographing stand out from its surroundings.