During the COVID19 pandemic, many parents were wondering whether it’s safe for their children to participate in organized group sports. Medical and childcare experts had a clear view of this. Viruses or diseases are likelier to spread in closed, poorly-ventilated indoor spaces. 

That’s why outdoor venues for children’s sports-related activities are always considered safer. But, outdoor sports and activities come with their fair share of risks for children. Here are some hazards/risks children potentially face when they engage in outdoor sporting activities

  • Exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun
  • Adverse weather conditions (sudden rain, wind, etc.)
  • Exhaustion due to humidity
  • Insect bites
  • The lack of safe, private spaces for individual children

That’s why schools are very careful when it comes to hosting outdoor social events for children. Some school administrators have discovered an easy, cost-effective way to address these risks – custom canopy tents. You’ve likely seen custom canopies at most major sporting events. 

Brands use them to promote their products/services to sports fans. Sports fans use these tents when they need shelter. Even sports stars use these tents as private, safe spaces during games. High-quality canopy tents can make children’s sporting events much safer and more convenient. 

Here are four ways outdoor canopy tents help schools host better outdoor sporting events.

1. Create a Safe, Private Space for Athletes

Staying outdoors all day and engaging in tough sporting activities can take a toll on anyone – let alone youngsters. When school admins set up custom canopy tents on the sidelines of their grounds, they give students privacy. Any student can step inside these tents, relax for a while, get refreshments, and think in privacy. 

2. Advertising and Information-Sharing 

A custom canopy is a tent that has been custom-printed with specific graphics. These graphics can be anything. It can be the name of the school. It can be the name of the school teams participating in the competition. 

It can also be the names of the sponsors funding the school event. Either way, custom tents are great marketing tools. Some savvy school administrators custom-print important safety-related information on their tents.

They transform their tents into movable blackboards. From instructions about cleanliness to details about social distancing – they print all types of useful information on their tents.

3. Protection from the Elements

Exposing your skin to harsh UV rays is never good – even if you’re doing it for sports. The best you can do at outdoor sporting events is find as much shade as possible. Canopy tents offer exactly that. 

These tents are typically made of synthetic, UV-resistant materials. These fabrics don’t allow the harsh UV rays to penetrate the tents. Children who rest inside these tents receive much-needed solace from the harsh sun.

4. Reusable

Despite being extremely affordable, custom canopy tents are ridiculously durable. A high-quality canopy tent made of strong fabrics and strong aluminium or steel frames can last for ages. Schools can reuse these tents several times. 

That’s why heat-resistant, UV-coated, & water-repellent canopy tents are so popular in school sporting events.