If you want to be an adequate product manager or producer owner, you need a high-level perspective. You remain the single point of contact within your organization about product updates. You are supposed to communicate with your stakeholders, including your product development team and business managers. It is just to ensure that the goals and vision of the product are linked together with the best. If you are keen on becoming an expert in SAFe Framework and Scrum, going with the SAFe POPM Certification can help you get what you need. You will be armed with the required skills to articulate the product owners’ and managers’ roles. They help create the management role, develop a product roadmap, and then manage the program backlogs and team backlogs without any hassle. As a result, you can quickly develop a good product line per the established business timelines.

POPM training

You need to develop expertise to guide people to deliver constant value in the lean enterprise. You can even gain the right set of skills to effectively carry out the role of a competent SAFe Product Owner and Manager in the areas like ART or Agile Release Train. It helps you in developing the expertise to get the best of the delivery with lean enterprise. It comes with the value via the good program increments and find out how constant delivery pipeline along with DevOps are now contributing for a quick and effective improvement of the ART. The SAFe product owner or manager help in getting a designation that remain offered with the help of Scaled Agile Inc.

What you get with POPM Certification

Once you appear for POPM Certification, you get the chance of developing some of the best skill sets, which are required to offer you the best value within the Lean Expertise. Also, the certification training will help you gain the best of the learning activities, mechanics and tools to manage a wide range of backlogs and programs. Once you get SAFe Product Owner Certification, and thus acts like a customer for your team working as a product management and other stakeholders like product owners. The role of the product owner is define and arrange stories in Team Backlog. It helps the system to refer the program as per their urgencies during the integration of several features or components, which any team is needed to create the same. Hence the role of the product manager or owner remains too significant, and thus we see only the team member are allowed to accept the completed the stories.

Once you get the POMP Certification, you can easily work as Product Manager and remain the integral voice of any client in Agile Release Train. Thus, even collaborate with many more product owners that further helps develop and communicate the vision to the teams. The product manager’s role is to help keep all the backlogs as per priority for Agile Release. He is seen defining the key features of the system that further helps in giving away the best solutions as per the relevant standards and quality requirements and thus participate in the authentication of the needed features.

In order to achieve Agile success at the enterprise level, we see Agile leaders including Product Owners and Project Managers, also have a clear and precise understanding regarding the roles and responsibilities that further help in measuring the maximum ROI and Improvements.

During the training course, you can find the opportunity to get a good depth knowledge regarding ART program and check how it can deliver the values along with learning the way you can perform things effectively.

You get the chance to improve upon how to write Epics, narrow down the features and stories, plan and execute iterations, and then plan the program increments accordingly.

Lastly, you have the chance to be a part of Agile Product Manager training and then find the chance to know how things are moving on their own to integrate the product owners and managers to improve upon ART.

Who can attend the SAFe POPM course?

The following are the professionals who could join the POPM Training and attempt the certification to get escalated in their career:

  • Program or Project Managers
  • Scrum Masters
  • Release Train Engineers
  • Business Analysts
  • Agile Coaches
  • SAFe Program Consultants
  • Development Managers
  • CTOs
  • Consultants
  • Architects
  • Engineers
  • Directors
  • Product Managers
  • Product Owners
  • Delivery Managers
  • Solution Train Engineers
  • Software Developers

If you belong to any of these categories, attempting the exam can always help get the escalation in your current job profiles or get good options from outside. 

Steps to get your SAFe 5 Product Owner or the Product Manager certification

So, are you not sure where to get started with your POPM Product Owner or Product Manager certification? All you need to do is to follow the simple steps and then validate your expertise like a Certified SAFe 5 Product Owner / Product Manager.

  1. Get trained by a competent Scaled Agile authorized training partner and attend the 16-hour training delivered by a SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) at institutes like KnowledgeHut, an expert practitioner.
  2. Take the SAFe exam – Once you complete the two-day training, you will receive information on the exam along with your login credentials directly from Scaled Agile. Log in using your credentials and take the 90-minute, 45-MCQ online closed-book exam. Clear the exam and get 34 out of 45 questions right to pass the SAFe 5 Product Owner/Product Manager exam and 33 out of 45 questions right to pass the SAFe 4 Product Owner/Product Manager exam.
  3. You’re now a Certified SAFe 5 Product Owner/Product Manager – On passing the exam, you become a Certified SAFe 5 Product Owner/Product Manager. In addition, you will receive your SAFe 5 Product Owner/Product Manager PDF Certificate and Digital Badge within 5-7 working days.

Wrapping up

POMP Training can help you get the best opportunity after that for your career. So, what are you waiting for, get yourself enrolled for the training program at reputed institutes like KnowledgeHut and get the things moving smooth!