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Hot selling wigs include V part wig & headband wigs. Let me introduce two of these popular wigs:


The V part wig is similar in design to the U-part wig, except that it has a V-shaped hole instead of a U-shaped hole. You can imagine the wig tied to a hat with a V-shaped hole. As you do with your part wig, you can pull your hair out of that wig’s V-hole. The difference is that the size of the V-opening is much smaller than the U-part wig, so you need less hair removal. Because of this feature, the V-part wig is also called thin part wig.

Why You Should Take a V Part Wig:

V part wig is much cheaper than other hair wigs, and so it’s a cheap wigs, budget-friendly and easy purchase. You can always find it in the wig section for sale. The wig is easily removable and wearable. Therefore, it is the best solution for quick styling of your hair. This is the easiest hairstyle that you can choose on the day when you are running late.

V Part Wig only removes a small amount of your hair. That way, the rest of your hair is safe, and the risk of damage to your hair is reduced.

This is one of the best wigs for people with thin and thin hair. Since you only have to remove a small part of your hair, you do not have to worry about the appearance of your scalp.

The wig allows you to try every hairstyle you can, and there is no limit. From a half-up of a braid to a sleek ponytail, you can choose any hairstyle without worrying about the wig. You can also easily choose between the middle part and the side part.


As the name suggests, it is a combination of headband and wig, which can make your wig more natural. Usually, there are adjustable straps and clips on the back of the hat to fix the hair. Like the human hair wig, there are many styles of headband wigs.

A headband wig is exactly what it looks like: a wig with a beautiful headband! The wearer protects it with a lace hat and three combs instead of glue or clips on his head. Because they are so easy to wear, they are beginner-friendly wigs. In fact, they are gaining more and more popularity every day, popping up all over YouTube.

But before you decide to buy one for yourself, here are a few tips to help you learn how to wear it.


It’s easy to learn how to wear a headband wig:

Brush your hair from the back:

With a small brush, be sure to brush all your hair and edges from the back. But it is possible to show off your natural hairline if you want.

Save the wig:

Once you have brushed your hair from the back, place the wig over your head and secure it with a comb (some may have velcro or straps).


Keeping the wig securely in place, you can customize it! Put it in a ponytail, add a curly updo, or let your natural hairline appear!

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