It is well known that the citizens of the UK love their online gambling. Did you know, however, that online Bingo is just as popular as more traditional casino games? Bingo is a super-simple, but vastly enjoyable, game that’s loved by people of all ages, and it is a fun way to kill some time online- and who knows, you might even make a profit, too!

What is Bingo?

Bingo is a very simple, but satisfying, game. Traditionally, you have a gamesmaster calling out specific numbers which are selected at random. Every participant has a (completely different) card in front of them, with numbers arranged in a grid. If one of your numbers is called, you mark it off. If you’re the first person to fill a row- or any other predetermined pattern on the card- you yell out, “Bingo”, and win the round. It is a gentle game of chance that often has a social component to it, too.

It is so versatile as a game format it is even being used in schools to teach things like numbers, vocabulary, telling the time, and more. It is also a common icebreaker at parties. It is very popular among the elderly, for its low stakes and social component, too. 

Is There Really Online Bingo?

With the pandemic limiting the ability for socialization and in-person casino-style gaming, there’s been a huge uptick in online play in recent years. It’s a great way to remain safe at home, but still get some of the fun and companionship of traditional casino gaming in a safe and (hopefully) regulated environment. From sports betting to table games and slots, there’s plenty of fun online to be had. So it is natural that bingo would find itself a home online, too. Today you will find plenty of reputable online casinos offering Bingo rounds for you to try your luck in. And if you were worried, don’t be- there’s plenty of UK bingo sites not on Gamstop, too!

How to Choose Online Bingo

It can seem intimidating to take your traditional gaming into the online space, but don’t worry- it can be done safely. As with any other style of online wagering, you simply need to do your due diligence a bit, and not sign up for the first service you find. You should always look for regulated online casinos, preferably in the UK. They should be transparent about how they operate, what types of cash they accept, and how you go about getting paid out for your winnings. If you are working with a reputable service provider, it is as safe as stepping down to your local Bingo hall.

Bingo is a stalwart of simple, fun, gambling games and it can be just as rewarding played in an online space as offline. So if you enjoy this traditional game, it could be time to see it reinvented for a new era, and try your hand at some online Bingo games for fun.