Aside from visiting shops, markets, and having nights out in Seoul, hiking and going outdoors to enjoy nature is another activity you’ll want to do. Seoul has a bunch of untouched mountains you can visit to take a hike with breathtaking views. In this article, Ziptoss has made a list of mountains around Seoul city you can go to for a nature trip.

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Inwangsan Mountain

The mountain of Inwangsan is known for its rocky terrain with unusual rock formations. Standing at 339m above sea level, hiking in Inwangsan Mountain is definitely an experience because of its view and history. Inwangsan mountain’s course is easier compared to others, you’ll be taking a 4km-long hike which will take about 3 hours to complete. This location is good for those who want to try hiking and for those who are just beginning.

Bugaksan Mountain

Just reopened in 2007, Bugaksan Mountain is one of the most difficult trails. It takes about 4 hours to complete the course but compared to the other trails, Bugaksan Mountain trails are very beautiful. Even at the beginning of the hike, you’ll see that the scenery going to the top is very different from the rest.

Gwanaksan Mountain

This mountain located in the south of Seoul is another spot for adventures. You can go rock climbing in Gwanaksan mountain standing at 630m in height, and you can also hike along the course. The terrain is rocky and rugged, it is tiring but rewarding as you will be seeing the view of southern Seoul and the Lotte World Tower as you reach the peak. When going down, you’ll also pass through streams, where you can relax from a long way up.

Bukhansan Mountain

Located in the northern part of Seoul, Bukhansan National Park is one of the highest mountains in Korea, a must-visit if you’re into outdoor activities like hiking. There are hiking courses that are divided into different levels of difficulty, they have basic and advanced courses for different trails and peaks on the mountain.

If you want to try basic courses, you’ll be following the trails going to multiple peaks, the most popular are the Jokduri Bong peak, Hyangrobong peak, and the Insubong peak. The first peak might be difficult for some since you wouldn’t be as warmed up in the beginning, the course is rocky and has quite steep terrain and it takes about 1 hour of hiking before you reach the top of each peak. Once you reach the third peak(if you’re still willing to continue the hike), you can stay there to take beautiful photos of the mountain and enjoy the view.

If you’re more interested in challenges, there is an advanced course for Bukhansan Mountain. You’ll have to take the bus to reach the base of the first peak(Yeomchobong peak) before you reach the highest peak of Bukhansan.