Every woman aspires to have long, healthy hair, yet relatively few people talk about the elephant in their living room. 

When you have long, thick hair, you will also have to style it; it takes much longer to do that. 

The entire process, from washing your hair to styling it and everything in between, can take up to two hours.

Some ladies shorten their hair as they just don’t have much time.

But what if told you there were quicker ways to style your hair, and you didn’t even need to think about getting a haircut?

Get ready for some fantastic hacks that will change your life.

  • Air Dry Your Hair

I am aware that we mentioned a quicker method for styling your hair. Still, the most crucial aspect is ensuring your hair is in excellent condition. 

Your hair will suffer from heat, especially if it is moist. Using a blow dryer immediately after getting out of the shower will ultimately cause more harm than good.

You’ll probably have time to spare if you shampoo your hair two or three times every week. 

Getting out of shower, pat your hair with a cotton t-shirt; the water will be absorbed without putting much stress on your hair.

If you don’t have a cotton t-shirt handy, choose a towel and pat, not rub, it through your hair, and then let your hair air-dry.

  • A Time for Hair Masks

First, using hair masks is a terrific way to nourish your hair; it produces gorgeous, long, healthy, and silky hair. 

Nevertheless, very few women use hair masks as part of their daily hair care regimen. 

And the reason is straightforward: it requires some time, which most of us might not have.

However, if you learn a few clever hair mask techniques, you’ll realize this has been an elaborate lie.

Consider it this way: if you apply your hair mask before taking a shower, the hot water’s heat will cause your hair’s cuticle layer to open, allowing the mask’s goodness and nourishment to penetrate.

Additionally, you can wear a hair mask when visiting the sauna or the gym. It all comes down to letting the heat and the beautiful ingredients do their magic on your hair.

  • Use Products After the Hair is 80% Dry

Another fantastic way to ensure that your hair is simple to style is to apply your hair products before it is entirely dry.

Applying products to completely dry hair will merely add moisture; they won’t offer the full spectrum of benefits.

For instance, applying hair products after massaging the hair with a cotton t-shirt is a great way to go.

  • How to Dry the Hair With a Blow-dryer?

There is a correct way to blow dry your hair, and your hairstylist will most likely use this method. 

Removing the nozzle from the blow dryer will prevent the hot air from the blow dryer from being concentrated into a long, thin stream. 

Blow-dry your hair, starting at the roots, and work your way up. Take your round comb and dry your hair at about 80%.

  • Reduce the Heat

Change the setting to cool and blow cold air after blow-drying your hair with the hot air. 

This aids in cuticle closure, giving the skin a lustrous appearance. 

The hair won’t absorb environmental toxins because of the sealed cuticle; the hair thus becomes healthier, allowing for simple styling.

  • How to Curl Long Hair

Let’s now move on to styling. You might want to rock those curls if you have long hair but never get around to it since it takes time.

However, if you divide your hair into two or three sections, it will be much simpler. Holding it up, and dividing it in two or three ponytails will help you achieve this.

You will find it simple to work on the various areas. You will notice that it is easier to manage and that you will achieve curls much more quickly.

  • How About the Hair Roots?

You must give volume to your roots because the curling iron won’t go this far and the hair will be flatter there.

There are a few ways. You can start by using a texturing powder. Natural dry shampoo is another option for giving our hair volume.

Make sure to massage the powder well into your hair roots.

Alternatively, you may consider using hair toppers to add volume to your hair.

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  • How to Get Wavy Hair

Utilizing the proper tools is the first step in creating those seductive beachy waves.

The barrel of the iron should be a uniform width from top to bottom. 

Steer clear of irons with tapering barrels.

Next, divide your hair into two sections. Start making waves by taking pieces of various sizes from one of the two essential portions.

Make sure to leave a straight portion of hair at the end of your hair as you take the hair and wrap it in the barrel away from your face.

Take the iron’s barrel hair at this point. Drop the hair onto your fingers, and then give it time to cool. 

Remember that it’s crucial to avoid dropping your long hair because the weight will, when hot, weigh down the curls.

Next, repeat the procedure with a different piece, and so on. Finally, finish by misting your hair with a little texture spray.