God has granted some people the privileges of a lavish lifestyle however, to the contrary certain people are not able to avail of it. However, God was never as cruel. He has created certain people work for the benefit of others. They are also known by the name of social workers.

One social worker located in America. United States is famous for her work with students and those who wish to pursue additional studies after graduation. Marilyn Flynn is a social worker at the University of Southern California and is employed across the country.

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Life of Marilyn Flynn

Marilyn Louise Flynn was born on the 25th of November 33, 1933, in the Canal Zone, Republic of Panama. She graduated in 1951 of Balboa High School and further completed her studies in Bradley University.

She was a child with her brothers, parents and sisters. She was a fantastic educator, spending all of her life teaching and focused specifically on the field of special education. She was an speech pathologist and storyteller, and mentor to children’s literacy. However, this isn’t enough to tell the story of Marilyn Flynn USC.

She received degrees at California State University, followed by an PhD from the renowned University of Georgia. After the 43 teaching years she had experience, she was able to spend the last 18 years in Clayton County School.

Flynn passed away in the age group of 87 the 16, 2021 at Stockbridge, Georgia. She lived a life of distinction working for the well-being of other people. She has been a strong coach to her family, friends and all those in need. Her efforts were exceptional and were lauded by all. Her name is remembered to this day for her efforts by her family, colleagues and those who she helped.

Work and Achievements of Marilyn Flynn USC

  • Marilyn was Dean for The University of Southern California. Marilyn was appointed the Dean of Social Work for USC in 1997. She was just the second person to be appointed to this post in the span of 100 years.
  • In a major research university, she was a specialist in the highest army social research. She greatly increased research at the Hamovitch Center for Science and was awarded the Flynn prize , which is highly regarded nationally for research on social work.
  • She assisted in the creation of that the American Academy of social work and welfare, and was the president of the BOD in the Network and also the social work management.
  • Marilyn Flynn’s personality Marilyn Flynn USC was admired by all when she was awarded the International Sarnat Award in 2012 from the National Association of Social Workers for Public Advancement of Social Work in Washington, DC.
  • She was awarded the USC Provost’s Prize in 2013 for educational innovation. In addition, she was the winner of the National Award for community and volunteerism from the former President Obama.


In closing the article In the end, we learned about a remarkable persona in only a few sentences However, her accomplishments are unmatched. Her dedication to helping the less fortunate created her immortality. Like the likes of Marilyn Flynn USCare will remain on the planet and will always be forever remembered.