Laundry might be your least favorite household chore, but it does not stop at washing and drying. Unlike me, I bring my pile of laundry to the laundry service near me, and they will do the job, from washing to ironing.

But, if you do your laundry at home, you still have to fold and iron them after washing and making it more challenging than you have already thought. However, kedai dobi layan diri services have got your back in this. But there’s always a solution for everything; here are some laundry tips to help you iron your clothes perfectly.

Enough Load Cycle and Dryness

Enough load cycle for a dryer is half its full capacity. Stuffing more clothes into the dryer would lengthen the drying time and give more wrinkles. A half-full dryer allows clothes to move around, faster drying time.

Do not let them fully dry or over-dry inside the dryer when drying clothes. Over-dried clothes are hard to smoothen or reshape. If you line-dry your clothes, pick them when the clothes are not completely dried.

Ironing clothes that are damped works well, especially with dress shirts and other clothes that are made with thin fabric.

Shake and Smoothen

It is frequent for some to remove the clothes from the dryer and place them immediately in a basket waiting to be ironed. Instead of immediately putting them straight into the basket, shake out the clothes. It helps smoothen the seams and pleats.

This strategy will not replace ironing, but it helps shorten your ironing time and easily smoothen unnecessary wrinkles and creases. If you are not getting enough time to do this, you can use the services of professionals like DobiBoy Malaysia for sorting your laundry issues.

Spray or Dampen Clothes

Have you noticed your irons with built-in sprayers? It is to dampen clothes during ironing. It is easier for wrinkles to straighten if you dampen the clothes. If your iron does not have a built-in spray, you can use a plastic spray bottle. It is difficult to iron some garments; that’s why it is better to soften them up before you iron them.

You can use tap water for your iron spray. Although recent models are tolerant of hard water, you have to check the minerals in the water. It may create problems inside your iron. Thus, it is best to read the instructions for your iron. If you are still unsure, use distilled water for ironing.

Start with Lighter Fabrics

If you are dealing with a mountain pile of clothes, it is best to start with the lightest and coolest fabrics. It is best to iron first the delicate, synthetic, and silk as they require low temperatures. After the light fabrics, proceed to the heavier ones. Turn up the iron temperature slowly.

Do not forget to iron your clothes inside out to prevent the color from fading.

Final Takeaway

Ironing clothes is an additional chore that could be daunting for someone who has a busy schedule. If you cannot iron the clothes, have the laundry service take care of them. You do not have to worry about your delicate clothes; laundry services have experts. They know what’s the best setting for every clothes.