What Went Down in Lost Ark’s Wreck the Halls Update 

Wreck the Halls is bringing Arkesia to a whole new level. Experience a new form of progression and challenging raids!

It’s been several weeks since the Wreck the Halls update went live in Lost Ark West. The prominent patch in December introduced new content and progression paths to use your Lost Ark gold on. The next major update will occur in February 2023, so players still have enough time to clear the new and existing Legion and Guardian Raids. Here’s everything that has been added to the game since then: 

New Summoner Class 

The latest Mage Class has been introduced, and you can summon many friends to fight for you. The Summoner’s advanced job enables adventurers to bring forth powerful spirits to help them in their fights. While you will have abilities to deal damage directly, your primary attacks will mainly come from the pets. While Summoners are pretty fragile, they pack a lot of punch and can be entertaining. 

Brelshaza, The Phantom Legion Commander 

The commander of the Phantom Legion is the fourth central boss for the Legion Raid content that is available to Lost Ark accounts in the Western server. It is the challenge with the longest clear time since you need to finish six gates to complete it fully. Brelshaza is considered the most cunning and ruthless of Kazero’s lieutenants, so this raid is mind-boggling and majestically frightening.  

Before players can challenge Brelshaza and her illusions, they need to reach certain item levels for each gate. Adventurers must ensure they are fully prepared to take on the trials set in the Phantom Legion Raid. 

Here are all the required gear scores for each instance: 

  • Gate 1 – Item Level 1490 
  • Gate 2 – Item Level 1490 
  • Gate 3 – Item Level 1500 
  • Gate 4 – Item Level 1500 
  • Gate 5 – Item Level 1520 
  • Gate 6 – Item Level 1520 

These conditions are strict, so you can only enter Brel’s domain if you are under-leveled. Fortunately, you can still try to fight the Phantom Legion by entering Phantom Astalgia: Déjà Vu, which only requires Item Level 1430. This challenge is similar to the Circus Rehearsal of Kakul Saydon, so players should not expect premium rewards for finishing it.  

Caliligos, Master of Lightning 

The newest Guardian Raid is the Caliligos fight, the most complex challenge for this specific content. He will be the third to join the list of level 6 Guardians you can fight in the game. Adventurers need 1490 Item Level before fighting the cruel ruler of the sky. 

Void Chaos Dungeons 

A new Chaos Dungeons was added to the Tier 3 list. The Voids are the challenges that require the most Item Level, which is 1490. This content will be your constant source of new honing materials designed for the new Item Level bracket.  

Bracelet Accessory 

Bracelets are just some of the latest drops introduced into Arkesia. These items are other accessories that can further increase your stats and power. They provide you with fixed and granted bonuses, which are generated randomly. The latter can be changed via Bracelet Specialist NPC. Unfortunately, you won’t gain any Engraving nodes from this accessory. These items can be farmed in Brelshaza, Caliligos, and Void Chaos Dungeons.  

Tier 3 Progression 

Other notable changes in the progression side are the new honing materials and gear. The new relic gear will allow players to reach up to 1590 Item Level, but the enchantment will max out at level 20. Adventurers should note that it will have a different success rate from other relics. It can only be crafted when players have reached 1490. 

Players will need a new list of honing materials to hone the new gear set. These unique items are just higher versions of the existing enhancement ingredients. 

Here is everything you will need to upgrade the new relic gear: 

  • Obliteration Stone 
  • Protection Stone 
  • Marvelous Honor Leapstone 
  • Superior Oreha Fusion Material 

You can acquire these materials as you do for other honing mats. These items can be obtained via Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, Challenges, Legion Raids, and other horizontal content. Note that these items are only dropped by those that require 1490 Item Level and above.  

Hardmode Cube and Boss Rush 

Dimensional Cube and Boss Rush are getting hard modes for their T3 content. These more challenging instances will reward players with new and more significant rewards but require them to have at least 1490 for entry. Players can expect the foes in these challenges to be much more demanding and tankier.  

How Is the Current Update Going? 

Most players are stuck in Gate 5 of Brelshaza, but they have already gained much Lost Ark gold in the previous stage. Adventurers also have fun using Summoners due to its piano-style gameplay and “Swiss Army Knife” aspect. Since only a few have succeeded in honing the new relic gear and reaching new heights so far, we can expect a slow progression from many players in the community from here on out.