Old School Runescape: Clan Hall Changes

Here’s all you need to know about clans and clan hall changes.

Spreading wealth by dropping items in popular locations has always been a thing in RuneScape, where wealthy veterans willingly choose to give away their OSRS GP to newer and enthusiastic players. Dropping items in popular locations such as the GE has given endless opportunities for people to create various lures that would bring unknowing targets to the wilderness to kill them for their loot and OSRS Gold.

However, because of the popularity of drop parties, the Falador party room was long ago introduced as a safe location where the telekinetic grab spell was disabled. This would prevent some players from getting any OSRS gold because others could grab the items using the spell, which was considered unfair by most. The drop parties are still trendy in OSRS but are generally restricted to specific communities of players, such as clans. This allowed Jagex to introduce a welcome change to the clan halls where players within a particular clan can share their OSRS GP with their clan mates.

Old School Runescape Poll 76 Results

Following poll 76 results, Jagex has worked on introducing two new unique features to the clan halls. The first one is the party chest, a feature that will bring a more intimate setting for the drop parties your clan wants to organize. The second is the combat ring, where you can challenge your clan mates’ skills and try out PvP-related stuff.

OSRS Party Chest

Balloons are always nice and bring a festive atmosphere to the room. Similarly to how the Falador party room works, once you pull the lever on the party chest, empty balloons and balloons containing the items previously added to the party chest will be released in the clan hall for the clan members to chase, pop, and loot.

There are two party chests in the clan hall. The first one is in the main section of the hall and the second one is close to the bank to bring even more convenience to the very generous clan mates and shorten their trips from the bank to the party chest. Regardless of your role in your clan, you can right-click the party chest to check what permissions you have. There are three types of permissions that the leaders can play with and decide who is allowed to:

  • deposit OSRS items in the chest
  • pull the lever of the party chest to release the balloons
  • get drops from the balloons

You will also be able to deposit stackable OSRS items that will be dropped in noted form as stacks, and you’ll be able to adjust the quantities for the stacks. The stack count feature has been added to both the party chests in the clan halls and the chests in Falador’s party room.

This is so you’ll have as much fun regardless of the party’s location. However, there is still one massive difference between the clan hall parties and the Falador ones.

Time On the Ground

The main difference is the duration items spend on the ground before disappearing. In the Falador party room, the items will disappear from the ground after two minutes, while in the clan hall, you’ll have 5 minutes before they despawn.

However, this is closely linked to and directly dependent on the instance created when you enter the clan hall. Similar to the player-owned houses or the paid private Kraken instance, the moment the last player leaves the clan hall or logs out of the game, the instance gets deleted as well, deleting any items left on the ground with it. You will always need to leave someone behind to keep the instance open to prevent the instance from closing and deleting any potential items left on the ground.

Clan Hall Combat Ring

If you love dueling with your clan mates or participating in unofficial tournaments with them, the clan hall could become the new hub for it, as you will now be able to enjoy the 1v1 PvP experience in the combat ring within the clan hall. The combat ring is located in the northwest section of the clan hall. You can safely practice here, as the deaths inside the combat ring are considered safe deaths.

Clan Hall Overview

You’ll be able to access the clan hall from the southeast part of the grand exchange area by entering a portal. And if you don’t have a clan yet, you can either look up a clan in-game near the portal or look it up on third parties communication software such as discord or social media such as Reddit.

The clan system and clan hall are pretty recent and well-deserved additions to the world of RuneScape, which Jagex is dedicated to continuing to improve. You can replenish your prayer points with the altar inside the clan hall. You can also cook in the oven, get water from the sink, deposit your items or OSRS GP in the bank, spread the wealth with the party chest, use the clan coffer to deposit or withdraw OSRS gold for the clan, or practice your PvP skills within the combat ring. 

You can use the clan hall to socialize with the other members or entertain the others by playing the piano. And most importantly, you’ll be able to interact with a few NPCs around the clan hall, so you never feel alone, even if no other clan mate is around.