I hope you all dream to take admission in Britain’s tow top most universities i.e. University of Oxford and University of Cambridge. These two universities are collectively known as Oxbridge. But there are few rumours about its admission process which have been heard for a long time. Most of the cases it remains a mystery for the students who want to take part in the admission process. Some people advise that it’s a difficult process to pursue. There are a lot of people who themselves made the guidelines on what to do and what not. Most of the time it has been proved to be just a myth but nothing. If you also have the same kinds of ideas regarding the admission process in your dream university you can take help from the online assignment experts. They will guide you regarding your admission procedures with all necessary information and technique.

To prove their Clarity, University of Cambridge has uploaded a video on their official website where they have clearly depicted the full admission process of a student. On the other hand, University of Oxford published a guideline where they have uploaded a set of questions related to the interview which are frequently asked by them so that students can get adequate knowledge regarding it and can overcome their fears.

Still there is doubt, how much these videos and questions can help the candidates. Most of the parents believe that these two top most universities prefer the students belonging to elite classes and those students who have been shaped perfectly in the private schools. This is considered to be the most popular myth according to the experts. When you visit the university you will find a lot of students like you who are coming from various schools and institutions and belonging to different backgrounds.

Here are five popular myths related to the admission process in Oxford University:

  • 1st Myth: When an interviewer asks a student to prove his courage, he leaves his room to show his courageousness. On the basis of his/her performance he/she is placed in the university.

It is no longer a drama or a clip from a cinema. Use your intellect and think is this really possible to judge a student’s courage by leaving the room to show his/her courage rather than answering the questions asked by the interviewers for the admission in the university. Use your efforts in a positive way rather than wasting your energy in these bullshit things.

  • 2nd Myth: At the Hall, if a student is able to catch the ball thrown by his/her teacher while entering the Interview Room, that student will surely get the place in the university, on the other hand if the student throws the ball back to the teacher, he/she will surely get the Scholarship.

It proves that the interviewers have only one purpose to judge the candidate from every aspect whether they have the capabilities and knowledge which are needed to cope up with the environment, Oxbridge offers.

  • 3rd Myth: Teachers ask a biology candidate to identify the dead beetle presenting him/her a box full of insects.

It indicates that before choosing the candidates the interviewers examine their merit very minutely. To take admission in such a top rated university students should possess the necessary qualifications which are needed. But don’t rely on those ideas who say that students will be presented in front of the interviewer without necessary guidelines. Be sure that if you are trying hard they will surely guide you to cope up with the situation.

  • 4th Myth: Teachers offer students to eat Peaches and they judge what they do with the seed after consuming it.

Do you believe in these kinds of things? This is just impossible for anyone. None can eat a peach without getting into a mess. It is just a saying, it does not have any existence. So feel relaxed that they will not ask you to do such things which can create a mess. If you face these kinds of things then throw the seed in the dustbin kept nearby the room.

  • 5th Myth: Oxbridge offers a life of Boredom.

After getting admission in such top rated universities, at the beginning of your session you will find your mates enjoying themselves in London or on the beaches and you are kept busy with your books. These kinds of things will not last long. Both these universities are decorated neatly and its old fashioned English pubs, libraries, cafes and restaurants, theatres, ballrooms etc will attract your attention and these are fit in all budgets.

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