This season continues to be fantastic for that crypto world. With immense success and recognition, it’s acquired enormous mainstream exposure, people these days have become conscious of it.

Many people now learn about cryptocurrencies as well as their benefits. Other names associated with this industry like NFTs and blockchain are actually accepted ever. That is why the brand new NFT game Itam Lime Journey is trending.

Keep studying this short article to obtain all of the crucial information regarding ITAM, this latest game, along with other relevant details. We’ll mention exactly what you’ll find advantageous relating to this query trendy within the Philippines.

What’s ITAM?

They describe themselves like a platform that values digital assets and offers services in regards to the free trade of those assets utilizing their IMAT NFT. Basically, ITAM Network is really a blockchain-based platform that focuses mainly on gaming.

ITAM launched the woking platform in 2018 around the EOS Network. You can generate ITAM NFT by playing their games, like Itam Lime Journey, and buying and selling.

What’s NFT?

NFT means Non-fungible Token. It’s a kind of digital currency along with a token that’s irreplaceable within the Philippines and elsewhere. Another distinctive feature of the digital currency is it can’t be copied or duplicated.

This excellent property of the currency can be used extensively by users for assessing the need for digital assets. It enables these to have possession within the truest sense over digital assets.

By pointing out NFT games

Prior to getting into information regarding farmville by ITAM Network along with other details, you must understand much more about NFT games, as Itam Lime Journey can also be an NFT game.

•           In general games and NFT games, the critical difference is based on possession.

•           The writer or even the developer has the products within any ordinary game.

•           What occurs when farmville goes lower or will get taken lower, and you’ve got purchased any costly item inside the game? You’ll need to forfeit your possession.

•           That’s why more developers are attempting to make NFT games, which isn’t always easy.

•           In the NFT games, the possession from the NFT lies entirely along with you, whether or not the game ceases to operate.

Information Regarding the Itam Lime Journey

•           The ITAM Network already has some games like Dungeon Princess and Crypto Fishing to their name. However, these games are somewhat old.

•           Hence, ITAM has made the decision to produce a brand new NFT game around the BSC Network.

•           The name of the game is “Lime Journey.”

•           Users can earn NFT by playing farmville.

•           More details such as the release date, the game play aren’t known right now. However, ITAM will disclose these details soon.

The Ultimate Verdict

The ITAM Network has some games but has become going to to produce new game. Itam Lime Journey may be the new NFT game through the ITAM Network, that has become somewhat trendy. All of the relevant details are available above kindly view it.

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