Having a dream of travelling around the world sounds adventurous, but at the same time, you might get anxious related to the safety hazards that come along with it. Therefore, it’s wise to prepare for your trip beforehand. When you are unfamiliar with the area, ensure you have everything you’re going to need there. In a scenario when you’re travelling with your loved ones, you need to be extra careful and plan everything to avoid any problems.

You can make most of your trip without stressing out every day about things not going according to your way. Technology has changed the dimensions of travelling and made it more convenient than it ever was a few years back. There are many safety apps available that can help you keep secure in a whole new place. You can search for essential places to visit, which routes to avoid, and many more.

The issue is that you’ll find many apps and you can’t narrow it down to install them in your phone. Learning how to use these apps is a whole different thing. So, you need to find the best cell phone tracking apps and keep them with you wherever you go. You can track GPS location with these apps and stay under the wings of safety. And it would be best if you did such things because bad things happen when you’re away from your hometown.

1.     TheWiSpy:

TheWiSpy is one of the best cell phone tracking apps that you can use to track your loved ones when they’re away from home. It has unlimited monitoring features that can help you ensure that your partner, child, or sibling is safe. In addition, TheWiSpy is compatible with every android device so that you can install it easily.

It comes with a phone tracker app that you can install on your child’s phone before they go on to travel. In addition, it has an advanced live location tracker that will update you about in which area they’re 24/7. So, for example, if your child is visiting another country and they get lost, you can help them as you have all the information.

You can listen to their surroundings when they don’t pick up your phone using the microphone of their phone. The geofencing feature helps you get alerts when kids go to dangerous or restricted areas. You can rescue them because TheWiSpy phone tracking app will send you the address of the place as well. Besides tracking your loved ones, you can also find your lost phone.

You can track the GPS location of your cell phone and inform local police of the area you’re travelling to. It’ll make it easier to find the device instantly and protect your data. Safety is essential while travelling for you and your family. And TheWiSpy is one safe phone tracker app that you need to download before going anywhere. You can manage the app and monitor activity comfortably.

2.     GeoSure:

It is a location-based android app that is popular among travellers. Geosure will analyze the area you want to visit and provide you with the safety or security conditions in that country or city. The app provides a detailed output so you can be sure about the place. The sources of this app are accurate, and unlike other apps, you won’t get a little summary of areas.

The resources are the countries crime rates, WHO recommendations, state departments, and UN. The assessment is based on the environmental dangers, health risks, crime rates, and other necessary things. If you won’t get this information before your visit and get in trouble, then there is a pretty good chance that you won’t get any help. Maybe the locals aren’t friendly enough to guide you or become a target of any crime. So, it’s wise to plan the security part evident in the first-place live location tracker.

3.     State Travel Safe:

If you have decided on your destination, then you should check the health issues and security risks. There can be a deadly virus going around there or an infection that can harm your health quickly. In the current time of COVID-19, it has become essential to plan a trip considering the health rate in the country.

Some areas are more affected by COVID-19, and flights get banned or delayed now and then. You surely don’t want to get trapped in a country. Apart from the infection, you can face weather outbreaks or a country’s political problems. It can affect your plan, and you may face more delays than you’ve assumed.

If you’re in an emergency, for example, you’ve had an accident, or you got a victim of local crime, then state travel safe can help you. You can get details of the closest police station and hospitals. The best thing about this android phone tracker app is that you can review other travellers experiences in the same area and avoid such problems in the future.

4.     Life360:

It is a location-sharing app or, in other words, a live location tracker app that is convenient while travelling. You can add your family members and friends in the Life360 app that will allow them to view your location, and you can view theirs.

You won’t have to update them from time to time where you are or whether you’re safe or not. It offers a feature where you can set your favourite areas on the map. That way, when you’ll enter the site or leave the site, your friends and family will receive alerts. 

5.     Guides by Lonely Planet:

If you’re planning a trip, you tend to read reviews on the internet about the hotels and tourist areas. But there is just so many reviews and a blend of dishonesty that you can’t trust such reviews. What you need is an accurate expert opinion. A guide by lonely planet app offers detailed, thorough, and insightful information to its users.

It is the best cell phone tracking app that help you find locations of the area you’re visiting. Using this app, you can learn to talk to the locals of the site. You can also get suggestions of places to eat or visit using this android phone tracker app. You don’t need an internet connection to view the map; instead, it is available offline for your ease.

6.     Google translate:

Google translate is a must app while travelling because you would need it when you visit a local area. If you like to travel on international grounds, you must face language barrier in your experience. It’s hard to get help or guidance when you can’t communicate.

The app supports 103 languages that mean you won’t have to worry about communication anymore. You can speak into the microphone aloud in your language and can convert it into the local language. You can use it offline as well, so you can manage even when you’re out of network.


Technology has turned travelling more exciting by providing hundreds of useful apps. For example, you can book hotel rooms in advance of the destination while sitting in your room. The travelling safety apps can provide you with location details, GPS, translation, and many other benefits.

You can find travelling packages under your budget with security guaranteed. One travelling app that you should take with you, no matter what, is TheWiSpy; it helps in keeping you safe while your family knows where you are 24/7.