Sometimes, it becomes quite difficult for the contractors to decide whether they should seal the other surfaces along with a concrete driveway or not and how frequently. It is important to seal the concrete driveways or the pool sides in order to improve the quality and life of concrete. An application of a concrete sealer will not only enhance the look of your driveway but will also increase its durability especially if there are marks and stains on it.

Hence, it would be a great decision to hire the best concrete contractors in Melbourne who would use the best techniques that could protect your driveways and extend its life. 

There are a number of options for concrete sealing that you could choose from that will save your time and money but it is essential to choose the best quality sealant to ensure that the driveway doesn’t crack up or crumble. 

Given below are a few mistakes that you must avoid while sealing your concrete driveways:

  1. Not shielding yourself: it is important to shield yourself during the entire sealing process as the concrete sealers contain some harmful chemicals that requires you to follow certain precautions. Therefore, you must make sure to wear a protective gear, gloves and goggles while working with a sealer. Also, your level best to not inhale the fumes. 
  1. Not using enough application: concrete sealers don’t last for a very long time so, it is essential to reapply the sealers time to time. Generally, the reapplication takes place after 2-3 years to make your driveways stay in a good condition. 
  1. Using an incorrect sealer: there are some sealers that don’t have a glossy or a shiny finish but seep into the concrete. So, you need to choose a sealer that leaves a glossy finish through the shielding layer. You must know whether you want a shiny or a matt finish in order to be satisfied with the end result as the type of sealer you choose would largely impact the driveway’s outlook. 
  1. Not preparing the concrete properly: one of the most common mistakes during sealing the concrete driveways is failing to prepare the concrete ahead of time. This means that you should take enough time to power wash the concrete at least a day before you apply the sealer. Any repair or patchwork on the concrete must be done before sealing ay dirt or debris. S
  1. uneven application of sealer: concrete sealers tend to dry very quickly, especially during a hot sunny day which can make the application process quite challenging.  Therefore, in order to achieve the desired results, you should always apply the sealer in a straight line and make sure that you overlap your old section with the new one through the roller by a couple of inches. This would lead to an even application and prevent any crease lines. You can also use a spray if, in case you are not confident of applying the sealer with a roller. 
  1. Applying a thick coat of sealer: applying a thick layer of sealer is another most common mistake that you need to avoid. It will not only take a lot of time of the sealer to dry and cure but will also make your driveways look tacky and prone to failures. Hence, it is advisable to always use a thin layer of sealant that could be reapplied as a second layer as it would be better than undoing a thick coat. 

Here are a few tips that you can follow to avoid any mishaps while planning to apply any sealer on your driveways:

  1. Ensure that your driveway is clean before applying a sealer: cleaning the driveway completely is one of the most important step before you plan to apply the sealer. You will need to have tools like a scrubber and a concrete cleaner to get rid of the muck and debris present on the driveway. This process is quite essential as you would not want to seal and cover an untidy driveway as the oils and the dirt present doesn’t allow the concrete to seal properly. Also, let the sealer dry after application.
  1. Check the area: it is essential to properly check the area before applying the sealer. For this, you can select an unobtrusive area of the driveway to apply a small amount of sealer and let it dry for a while to check if the application is correct or not so that you can proceed ahead. In case, you are not satisfied with the application then you will have to buy a new sealer. 
  1. Opt for a bright sunny day: you must go for a bright and a warm sunny day to complete the entire process of sealing as it will enable the seal to dry up quickly. Although, it can become uncertain to predict the weather, however, you should still make sure to select a day that is not cloudy. 

The problems mentioned above clearly indicates that applying a sealer on the concrete driveways is one of the hardest tasks for which you need to be fully informed and experience. Therefore, it is advisable to hire contractors in Melbourne to ensure a peace of mind. We at Roadseal Civil are experienced in providing the best concrete sealing services while using the best quality materials at the most affordable prices.