Many congratulations! You have finally met the love of your life. On this happiest occasion,

throwing a proposal party is a great way to announce that you’re getting engaged. We know you wanna celebrate a memorable bash with your nearest and dearest because you’re going to embark on the lovely journey of life. 

But are you stressed about where to start? Relax, we will walk you through all the nitty-gritty, from fixing a date to choosing a soundtrack. Without any further ado, let’s jump straight into it.

Etiquette For An Unforgettable Engagement Party

We understand at this time, many questions are swirling in your head regarding party hosting, sending invitations, creating registry information, etc. Here is the step-by-step answer to all your questions:

  1. Firstly, there is no definite rule about who will throw the party. Usually, the bride’s parents make all the arrangements, but some couples prefer to take that responsibility.
  1. Secondly, the celebrations are arranged right after the engagement, but a slight delay is not a big issue.
  1. Then comes invitations, for that you can either choose the invitation cards or e-vite according to the type of event.
  1. Yes, you can accept the registry details for guests who want to give you gifts at your engagement party. But you should avoid including the registry information in your invitations.
  1. Celebrating more than once completely depends on your personal choice; there is no restriction regarding this.
  1. It’s always a better idea that your parents meet before the engagement party so that both the families get time to know each other.

12 Steps For Planning An Engagement Party

Now let’s talk about the planning of your post-proposal party. These 12 steps can help you go off the celebration without a hitch. 

Get Elegant Engagement Ring

The most important thing at any engagement party is proposing your love with a beautiful engagement ring. 

The first step in planning an engagement party is to purchase the beautiful ring that your partner will wear for the rest of their life. 

But before buying it, you should first discuss the engagement ring designs with the close friends and family of your partner, get their recommendations as they can help you in getting the trendy engagement ring that your partner would love to wear all the time

Set a Suitable Date

Firstly, there is no specific rule for fixing a date. However, the early months of your engagement are considered appropriate when everything is new and exciting or when you both feel comfortable breaking out the bubbly. 

But ensure the availability of your loved ones. You should not schedule your party between holidays like Valentine’s Day or Christmas because people may have some special plans.

Designate the Host 

You can host a party yourself, but anyone in your circle, your parents, friends, or relatives, can throw the engagement party. And there is no bad in organizing multiple parties; after all, it’s your sweetest moments of life.

Decide a Venue 

You can select any location that fits your budget and theme. Whether to make it formal, informal, big, or small, the choice is in your hand. You can celebrate at any five-star restaurant, at home, or in the backyard of your aunt. 

Plan the Theme and Decorations

When picking the engagement theme, remember that it doesn’t resemble your wedding theme. However, you can keep it simple or go the extra mile for it.

Pick the Outfits

The dresses complementing your venue and theme can bring a wow factor to your engagement party. Moreover, you can assign a specific dress code for the guests, and for yourself and your partner, you can pick unique and stylish outfits.

Decide the Menu

Well, the fantastic theme and decoration without delicious and enjoyable food are not worth it at all. So, you should always serve the food and beverages that fit all your guests. 

Make a Guest List 

Engagement parties are usually smaller and more intimate than weddings. So, it’s a great idea to invite close friends and relatives to your engagement celebrations. 

Send the Invitation 

You can print some enticing invitation cards and mention important details like time, date, venue, and dress code on it as well. After that, send it to your loved ones whose presence is a source of pleasure for you. 

Create a Wedding Gift Registry

Gifts are not compulsory at parties, but your dearest ones might have some wedding gift ideas that are lovely to both of you. In that case, creating a wedding gift registry list is the best option for those who want to give you lovely presents.

Set a Soundtrack

Music that accompanies the theme and is meaningful for the newly engaged couple is perfect. Romantic and upbeat songs are mostly preferred.

Add fun activities

You can spice up your engagement by offering fun activities. That will be a source of entertainment and allow guests to interact better.

Final Verdict

Your engagement party is a practice for wedding arrangements. So, you shouldn’t be stressed about planning. Enjoy and go with the flow because it’s a big event in your life.