While doing interior designing the proper wall and interior calculation is one of the tasks which is of utmost importance. If you are not measuring the accurate angles and perfectly that means that you not only waste your money and time but you will also lose the absolute perfection and finishing of the end product. That is why you need to get proper guidance on how to find the interior angles?

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The calculation of the interior angles is different for different shapes like rectangular, triangles, and other polygons.

What is the interior angle?

Let’s talk about some math which states the angle as the distance between two-line segments having the same vertex. Measuring angles in degrees is the most convenient and less confusing than 360 measurements when using a circle. Polygon if you know the shape of polygon and you know the measurement of the sides hypothetically then you can easily measure the angle. Protectors or measurement tapes are utilized to take the measurements of the room or place and then you can simply calculate these via a calculator.

Measuring angles when the shape of place is known:

Theoretically, if you are measuring the measurement of the room which is one of the polygons then here is how your angle measurements would work!

  • Measurement of angles of the triangle is (n-2) x 180
  • Measurement of angles of the quadrilateral is (n-2) x 360
  • Measurement of angles of the pentagon is (n-2) x 540
  • Measurement of angles of the hexagon is (n-2) x 720
  • Measurement of angles of the octagon is (n-2) x 1080

Here, n is the number of sides of the relevant polygon.

 Measuring angles when the shape of place is known:

You need to compute the nonaligned sides and angles of the kitchen or room or any place before mentioning the accurately calculated dimensions of the walls or place. Four different ways are there for your convenience to measure the interior angles.

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  • Match the bearing:

You need to match the bearing of the unsynchronized walls in case of the place between rooms is at the right of parallel angle to the wall, or you don’t have the footprint of the interior rooms or you have the huge features in the room like a worktop.

  • Measurement adjustment tools:

Such tools assist the person to align the room dimensions by freezing the measurement like if the walls match at a right angle, then it is a right-angled wall. In case of too many irregular walls, the cross-braces in adjustment tools are compulsory.

  • Place measurements:

Let’s suppose we are measuring a room then you will take all the room measurements by using some cross-braces on the interior walls for internal angles and to measure the external angles to expand the wall to a floating-point.

  • Bearing type:

The accuracy of the measurement is the major concern for any interior designer and if the wall bearings can be accurately manually measured then this approach can be the acceptable one.


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