Watching your loved one’s age can be difficult. Time can take away much of the vigor and vitality they had in their youth, and you can find that they increasingly need assistance and care. Of course, this doesn’t mean that aging is all about downsides.

Old age can offer the person a break away from major responsibilities and provide them time and space to relax, given they have access to the best care and attention. For this reason, many families are increasingly opting to shift their elderly family members into care homes.

In concept, nursing and care homes can seem like the perfect solution to letting your elderly family members get the medical assistance they need and staying in a safe environment. However, there can be several pros and cons to the service in reality. Many people are understandably wary before sending their elderly members to a senior home.

If you’re looking to research every aspect of the service before making a decision, keep reading below.

Con: Elder abuse

One of the biggest cons of senior care is the subsequent elder abuse that the residents can face. Nursing home abuse is an unfortunate reality that many vulnerable residents face. Elderly residents are an incredibly vulnerable population and have to rely upon their caretakers for physical and emotional assistance. At times, geriatric care organizations or individual caregivers can exploit this position of power and abuse the defenseless residents.

Elder abuse can come in many forms. Residents can face physical, emotional, sexual and financial abuse and exploitation at the hands of their caregivers. Owing to the absence of family members and regular checkups, the residents can often find it hard to stand up against the abuse. Elder abuse can be exceptionally dangerous and can impact the residents’ lives immensely. Therefore, it is vital to report the abuse as soon as possible. If you suspect elder abuse, it is important to reach out to local and national agencies immediately. Finding out how to report abuse in a nursing home can help save a life and protect your elderly family members.

Pro: 24/7 Care

Caring for an elderly person is a full-time job. Age brings a host of physical and mental health conditions that can be incredibly challenging to deal with. As the illness progresses, your elderly family members can require around-the-clock care. This can include needing help going about their everyday tasks, including the smallest actions such as walking, changing, using the bathroom, showering, and more.

It can be difficult for caregivers at home to give elderly residents the care and monitoring that they need, which can worsen their conditions. It also increases the risk of accidents, and elderly family members can often injure themselves. Moreover, many diseases may require constant medical attention. Geriatric care centers cater to these issues and ensure that the residents have the attention they need. Nurses and medical practitioners are available 24/7 to provide care and guarantee that the residents remain safe and healthy.

Con: Isolation

Even in cases where there is no elder abuse, senior care can be socially isolating for the residents. Geriatric care usually entails residents moving away from the places they’ve lived in for years and shifting to an entirely new location. Although geriatric care institutions have other residents, elderly residents can miss their old friends and family members.

Being alone and abandoned can be one of the greatest fears for many older adults, and in their twilight years, their biggest need can be to be surrounded by their loved ones. Geriatric care can thus provide the residents with the best medical care but can be emotionally draining for many. It can push many older adults out of their comfort zone and create social uncertainty for them. Many residents are at the stage of life where they don’t want to meet new people or create new relationships all over again, and the process can thus be isolating and anxiety-inducing.

Pro: Meeting like-minded people

Elderly people can find it hard to get out as much as they once used to. As time goes on, distances become greater, friends move away and family members become busy with their own lives. Children and grandchildren often move away, which can leave elderly family members feeling isolated. Moreover, elderly individuals can find it hard to get out and meet their neighbors or friends like they once did.

However, moving to a nursing home can help elderly individuals stay connected and find people they can relate to. Geriatric care homes can also make it incredibly easy for elderly residents to move about. They can access recreational facilities or meet their friends without leaving the building. Geriatric care facilities also often host movie nights, game nights and other events which encourage the residents to connect. All these factors can be vital in boosting your elderly family member’s wellbeing.

Con: Cost

There’s no doubt that senior care can be incredibly important to maintain an elder’s health. In some cases, it can even be lifesaving. However, this doesn’t negate the fact that it can be extremely expensive. Geriatric care includes in-patient care and residence, and apart from medical care, offers various other facilities. These can include recreational facilities, food, and other services, such as housekeeping.

Overall, the cost can stack up to be quite a lot, which can be unsustainable to afford. In many areas, geriatric care homes can cost as much as $275 per day, which can be an enormous amount. However, for residents who can’t afford to pay for nursing homes, temporary stays can be a good alternative, where they can shift in if they feel their condition is worsening.


Sending an elderly loved one to a geriatric care facility can seem like a daunting prospect. Without all the information, it can seem challenging to make this decision. This guide can help you develop a well-rounded image of senior care homes. These are some of the most important pros and cons to consider before making your decision, and focusing on these factors can help you make the best choice.