Everyone might know about the mozzarella being the best, stretchy, moist, and golden-colored cheese and this might be your first preference when you want to enjoy your meal. But then you want to try new types of pizza cheese and you want to dig into this.

A lot of creative cooking skills and efforts are required to get the best pizza out there and stand out from the competitors. However, the secret of the best pizza creation lies in the selection of cheese.

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How to choose the best cheese:

You need to realize that some factors enhance the taste, pizza look, and maintain moisture in the pizza. So, be aware of such factors:

  • Cheese Melting and color: melting point of the pizza cheese should be less so that it does melt perfectly and yet doesn’t get burned or start giving a pungent taste. The perfect color for the cheese is goldish brown.
  • Moisture: Best cheese holds up the moisture just as perfect as the liquid in cheese is what determines the coloring of the cheese when baked.
  • Stretch and Fat Ratio: To maintain the stretch of the pizza dough and perfect density the milkfat is used just in perfect proportions. 35-40 percent of milkfat content is what makes the visible stretch when the pizza slice is pulled.

Best pizza cheese types:

There are dozens of cheeses available in the market however, all of them don’t seem fit to create the best pizza. Let’s explore the best cheese which can make your pizza a heavenly food.

  • Mozzarella cheese:

Mozzarella is one of the best and most commonly used cheeses when it comes to pizza making. The slight golden shade with just so perfect the moisture level, fat content, the stretch it gives to the topping, and mild creamy flavor make it win over the dozens of pizza cheese out there.

However, Mozzarella comes in low and high moisture levels and it’s up to the pizza maker which one they want.

  • Provolone cheese:

It is considered the second-best cheese for pizza creation. The mild to medium stretch levels, the fat content is just normal, doesn’t feel drying, dark brownish color and even melting which is making Provolone one of cheese which can be used for any pizza type and in a combination of other cheese.

  • Parmesan Cheese:

One of the hard Italian cheeses which have a sweet nutty taste makes it to the list of the best cheese for pizza. Its combination with other cheese is what people crave most. The moisture and stretch quotient are low with a tendency to get burned so be careful while handling it.

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  • Cheddar Cheese:

If you are the person who doesn’t like the stretch that much you should opt for the cheddar cheese. The sharp pungent taste with a low melting point makes it stand out among other cheese. It has light brown color and has 9 grams of fat in one slice.

Gouda, goat cheese, Gruyere, Swiss, and Ricotta are some Types of pizza cheese that you might want to try while cooking or ordering your pizza by seeing the menu.