We all know how valuable it can be to look after our tools at work. Clean your tools, use the proper equipment for the job, clean the floor, clean up spills, and return everything to its proper places. Like the rest of the tools you use for work, your footwear requires some attention, and know how to care for leather dress shoes from time to time. Like your own skin, leather includes natural oils that keep it soft and smooth, all while keeping it water-resistant. 

As we wear shoes and expose shoes to some of the serious situations we work in, the oils in the leather break down and are lost. Consider what you do daily; how would your skin fare in that environment? A shoe cobbler near me suggests some tips, and today I will discuss them, which shows how to clean our shoes effectively.

Effective Ways to Clean and Oil Safety Footwear

  • Allow time for your shoes to dry before cleaning them

Shoe repair service suggests not only will this ensure that you don’t create a mess when washing your shoes, but mud and dust will come off much easier once they’ve dried.  Allow at least 24 hours for shoes to dry before cleaning them. If you can’t, a cloth will suffice to remove most of the mess. And also, don’t get one of those forced air, warm boot driers; they dry up the leather, even more, making it more difficult to work with afterwards.

  • Prepare your cleaning area

I like to clean my bots outside because it makes cleanup much easier. You only need a rag and a boot brush if you don’t need oil. If you need oil, you’ll need more rags as well as your oil. I like to oil my shoes once a month with my work. I like to remove my laces for a deep clean because it makes it simpler to reach everything. Now is a good time to check your laces and shoes for damage or problems before they get too bad.

  • Ensure your shoes bottoms are clean

Some boot brushes have rubber parts that help remove dirt and stains from your outsoles’ lugs. After you’ve cleaned everything out, you’ll have a fresh start to work with.

  • Use your brush to brush the uppers to remove dirt

Shoe repair service says if you let all of the dirt on your boots dry, it should come off with a good brushing very easily. Start at the top and work down the boot with your boots brush in quick, strong strokes. Give your boots a quick wipe down with a dry cloth after you’ve done brushing them.

Oil your boots with clean rags and your favourite oil

For this, I prefer to use cut-up white cotton t-shirts. When one gets a hole, I cut it up and put it in the box with cleaning materials; I throw them away when they get too nasty. There are various options and ideas on what is the best for oils. Apply a sufficient amount of oil on a clean rag and work it into leather; don’t worry if it seems a touch thick at first; we’ll take care of that later. Divide the oil into parts and start working with it.

  • Remove any extra oil from the leather with a polishing cloth

After you’ve oiled both boots, go back to the first and buff out the excess oil with a clean new towel. You should be left with leather that has a good hand, if not a bit more oil than that when you got it. Some dirt and colour may come off during this stage, which isn’t bad.

  • Set your laces in and clean up! 

Your boots are clean and very well; lace them up again in your favourite way, and you’re ready to go. On a side note, if you have the time, let these sit for at least to let the oil absorb through truly.

Conclusion:You can transform them into your worn-out boots if you follow these steps. If you do not know how to do it, hire Prime Laundry for a quality shoe cleaning service. Shoe cleaning service skilled employees have experience cleaning and repairing shoes.