Swallow tattoo is a beautiful and complicated art that most tattoo lovers and artists fall in love with. However, “What does the swallow tattoo mean” is still a common question.

A swallow tattoo has various meanings, especially each placement on your body will have a distinguished meaning.

Please continue reading to discover the meaning of this special tattoo and some spots to get it inked!

What Does The Swallow Tattoo Mean

Safety And Protection

People believe swallows give safety for anyone who has a long voyage through the sea or has a long-distance trip frequently, like a sailor or pilot.

This bird usually moves between different continents; most of them finish the trip without accidents. So, sailors and adventurers will tattoo a swallow on their body like a guardian on their next long trip.

Swallow tattoo

Hope And Love

In real life, swallows will find one mate for all of their life without changing, so they are a symbol of genuine affection for your lover. Thus, many couples get inked with a swallow on their body to express their love to the other.

Moreover, swallow sticks to the Spring – the brightest and happiest time of the year. It indicates a full spoon of hope and a fresh renewal because Spring is the year’s first season. Also, it is a hope for a better and brighter future.


Aside from the meaning of swallows tattoos above, this tattoo also means freedom, especially a flying bird with its wings spreading out widely into the sky. This image will remind me of strength, bravery, and freedom.

Besides, a swallow tattoo is considered a common choice for anyone who has just come back from prison with the meaning of freedom and homecoming after a difficult time.

Swallow tattoo


A Swallow tattoo also symbolizes patriotism, the ardent love for your beloved country. This tattoo expresses your respect for your country, your region, and your family.

However, this meaning is less widely known than others. Honestly, this meaning comes from a famous quote which means you will give someone freedom, as long as you love them.

It is an ideal combination of passionate love and freedom, and a swallow tattoo perfectly stands for freedom.

Purity And Holiness

Swallow tattoo stands for purity and holiness as well. And when you see a swallow in Spring, you can believe in having a good omen this year, and many good things will come to your life. Thus, you can expect a lot of luck will come to your life if you have a swallow tattoo on your body.

Where To Get Your Swallow Tattoo?

You can get your tattoo on any spots on your body that you like, but each spot has its own meaning. For example, if you get your swallow tattoo on your shoulder, it will symbolize adventure, journey. Aside from that, it also signifies royalty and patriotism.

You can combine swallow with some small details or a quote to make your tattoo become a wonderful art. Besides, you can ink many small swallows on the inside of your wrist to create a flock of swallows flying feely.

A swallow tattoo on your hand or neck will indicate something sinister, like a person who has just got out of prison or suffered many things in the past.

Small swallows tattoo


This is the ultimate answer to “What does the swallow tattoo mean“. It symbolizes safety and protection, hope and love; freedom; patriotism; purity, and holiness.

You place it on the body for tattooing. Most people will only experience mild pain. You can place them on anybody’s spots, as long as you like them. Besides, you can choose the placement depending on the meaning to fit your want.

Thanks for your reading, and we will see you soon!